Forerunner Sniper?


Seen in the E3 2012 Halo 4 footage, there were forerunner guns that went “under the radar” as they were not highlighted and the scatter shot and light rifle took the headlines.
One of the three guns appears to possibly be the Forerunner made and designed sniper weapon (wielded by a promethean knight) Do you think this gun will be the “official” sniper weapon we are up against when fighting the prometheans? (+ will we be able to use this in multiplayer?) If you haven;t seen the gun, it is the second new weapon featured in this video: (also check out the other two unnoticed forerunner/promethean guns!)

After seeing it what do you think?
Looks a lot like sniper?
I think it looks pretty “sniperish”
Other thoughts - Share!

hmm maybe

I’m personally more interested in whether or not I’ll be able to ricochet my sniper bullets (like you can with the scattershot) man that would make some stellar montages.

It’s a good weapon, but I think that if in multiplayer will kill with only one shot, it will be overpowered…