Forerunner Keyships on Installation 00

Does anyone find it… amusing how even after establishing a presence on Installion 00 in 2555.

The UNSC brass didn’t acquire or requisition the resting keyships left on the ark, in the four years that followed? Forerunner Keyships aren’t the pinnacle of Forerunner warships, but one would think. After seeing Truth’s use of the ship which tanked multiple mac rounds and payloads delivered by longswords, a number of those would be a welcome asset for the “reclaimers/inheritors” of everything they left behind.

Not that it matters as they are probably the keyships left after the Conservation Measure and may be locked down.

Willing to bet they are as you said, locked down. Could also be they were never found by human groups.

Actually they were found by Colony’s reckon groups long before flood outbreak in High Charity. You can find this information in some of the Phoenix logs.

They are probably locked down since the Ark took major damage after Installation 08 prematurely fired over it. But I think if humanity found them, more specifically the Spirit of Fire, that could be a good way for them to return to human-occupied space from the Ark.