"Forerunner" Final Ghost Run Co-Op LASO

Hello, recently I have been trying to beat the game in LASO difficulty (Legendary All Skulls On) to get the emblem.

Since doing it solo is quite hard since you restart the entire level every time you die, I’m doing it alone but with 2 controllers at the same time, that way I only revert to the last checkpoint instead.

I did mission 1 & 2 without problems, now, I’m with mission 3 (Forerunner), I did it nice till the end of the level, where you have to escape in a ghost before everything explodes.

The problem is that now when I run with one controller the other one dies in the middle of the run 'cause it doesn’t move. I tried by moving both of them little by little but there are some areas where you have to be very fast, so by the time one controller is safe and I take the other is too late. I have also tried to control both of them at the same time (one controller at each hand), but it is almost impossible too coordinate in complex areas.

Any advice?, please? (Don’t suggest to do it solo or to get another person to control the 2nd controller)

You can either find another player to do this run with you and again for the final mission or start over solo and use the save and quit method every time you die to bypass the iron skull restarting the mission.

i can join, mg gt is my name.