Imagine Forerunner Enhanced Yap Yap the Destroyer… Grunt Goblins that can Teleport… We know That a lot of Grunt have Gone to Cortana’s side. Cortana is Likely more of an equal opportunist than the Covenant. Its very possible that we could encounter a grunt lead Armory Under Cortana. They Many not Have Brutes But… Grunt Knight Riders(Grunts Riding on Promethean Knights). Yap Yap could be given a Forerunner Combat Skin. A Grunt with that Same abilities as The Didact…
I cant Stop thinking of all the ridiculous possibilities. I Doubt this will actually happen but I really wish it would.

If they kitted out the Grunts I would hope it wouldn’t be all of them. H5’s jetpack/shielded grunts are fine, but you still need some to be the silly, pathetic canon fodder enemy type. They are Grunts after all.

That’s what I like. I don’t think 343 would ever even consider doing something like this, but it would mist certainly be cool.

I would love to see a forerunner enhanced super grunt being a boss fight talking like the great Yap Yap the destroyer

Why not take the existing warzone grunt mech and use it in infinite’s campaign, sledging and all, imagine a pair or even a squad? , it’s design and mechanics are already fleshed ready to go.