Forerunner Destroyer

Anyone have a guide on which missions are the most efficient to help me finish it? Crawler Snipers and Knight Commanders are a pain in the -Yoink-.


Just found a full up to date one with Ep. 6

I’m the one that made the chart that was linked above and I give some helpful hints on how to get those two enemies. But alas you just mentioned the hardest 2 enemies to get. I have over 30,000 kills in spartan ops and I still don’t have those two completed. good luck though.

Definitely the most difficult of the Forerunners to get, I suggest the Harvester mission since its up this week. It has several of both enemies and is not to bad on Solo if you pace yourself and use their weapons against them :).

I would love the Vanguard Armor Set myself, I love that chest piece :). Thank you by the way Schnitzel, for making the chart for enemies, it is very helpful.

I finally finished this week. Involved lots of farming of the 1:3 for the sniper (Look right, shoot sniper, reload level) and lots of 1:4 for commanders (run through till the commander, spawn him, retreat so he spawns watcher. Kill commander, kill respawned commander). These were the most time efficient means I found. 6:5 has 4 commanders and a few snipers, but still felt grinding Ep 1 was the most efficient. Good luck!

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Yup, Crawler Snipers are too rare to make a dent in the commendation for killing them. Been playing Sparta Ops for the past 14 months and still stuck in 1/6 commendation tiers.