Forerunner Conflict War simulation Community

Hey I am from the Forerunner Conflict Community

It is a War-simulation-Militaristic Community that has a Red vs Blue Army theme to it. One side is Blue(the good side) and one side is red. We have founded this community on fun and respect. We fight the other army for control of halo 4 maps created by our own forge department. This community has been around for 7 years dating back to halo 2. Each army has 70 active members more or less each sunday night aka Battle night. Battle night is the night when both armies battle each other for the 2 maps that are being contested that day. Each army also has the same rank structure.

We have a website to maintain all our information of the wars and stuff, but there is a lot more to do on the site thanks to all the different people that joined and added unique stuff to the site.

However our main focus is the war between Blue and red army

To join though you must be mature(the age requirement on the site is 15)

Join Blue Army :wink:

-Blue Major Nicholas Sapien

GT: Nicholas Sapien