Forerunner Conflict is open for enlistment! Enlist today to take part in competitive, weekly battles!

Forerunner Conflict is recruiting new soldiers to take part in a galactic war! Enlist today to join in weekly battles and be part of an ever-changing HALO story!

Hello soldier! My name is SpartanBH and I am the founder of Forerunner Conflict. Forerunner Conflict (aka “FC”) is a long-time Halo war-simulation community that has been around since 2006, starting in the days of Halo 2! FC is famous for facilitating a “war simulation”, in that every week we have two armies that battle it out over a “war map” with intent to defeat the other army by capturing their “Capital” over a several-month time period. At times, we’ve hosted battle nights with over 150 concurrent people online! These battles nights come with competitiveness and camaraderie, and they are a refreshing change from your standard matchmaking games; these games/battles actually have an impact on a War that you get to be part of! Our armies come with squads and ranking structures, and you’ll have the opportunity to “rank up” simply by participating in battle nights! Interested in leading? Well, you will have that opportunity as well! Are you ready to pick up your rifle and tilt the war in one direction?

It’s time for you to enlist! Do you hail from the Inner Colonies, protected by the United Earth Government’s military faction, henceforth known as SolCore? Or does your heart lie out in the frontier of space in the section of Outer Colonies, led by the newly formed Colonial Commonwealth Alliance? SolCore’s mission is to protect the greater good of humanity at all costs, while the Colonial Commonwealth Alliance yearns for autonomy and freedom, pushing to achieve this with extreme prejudice. It’s time for you to choose your alliance!

Sound interesting? Well then get off your butt, dust off your Battle Rifle, and enlist today! Please join our discord as soon as possible to enlist - and don’t forget to tell & bring your friends! Our Beta War begins in Mid-January, so we’ll need all hands on deck for game-type and battle-night testing!

Here’s a link to our Discord:

Please feel free to message me on Discord at SpartanBH#5191 or send me a message on Xbox at SpartanBH.



Come join our Level 3 Discord server today! We’re looking for leaders, content creators, and soldiers!

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Our beta war will begin in early-mid January! Now is the time to enlist and get acclimated with your army and prepare for war! Please message me with any questions. Head over to our discord server at to enlist today!

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Our Beta War dates have been set!

Saturday, January 15th @ 7pm EST

Sunday, January 23nd @ 6pm EST

Friday, January 28th @ 7pm EST

4th Battle Night TBD based off results of previous weeks

Now is the time to enlist in a faction and take up arms! Head on over to to enlist today!

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Our Beta War starts this Saturday @ 7PM ET! Enlist today to take part in awesome battles and change the tide of war!

The armies are looking for future squad leaders! Interested in leading a squad of soldiers - then come over to FC and lead them into battle! Bring your friends and start up your own squads if you have enough people!

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Our very first battle night this past Saturday for the Beta War was a huge success, with about 50 soldiers showing up and taking part in some excellent, competitive custom games!

Our next battle night is this upcoming Sunday, 1/23 @ 7PM Eastern! We’re going to be testing BTB maps and game modes, so this is certainly something you won’t want to miss! It’s never too late to enlist and take part in battles! Come join and bring your friends!

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Forerunner Conflict, I’m a representative from a Milsim clan Called The Spartan Republic. We’re looking for other groups that would be interested in engaging in some friendly Clan vs. Clan matches, putting your best against our best! Is that something you all might be interested in?


Our Beta War is rolling in full swing right now! We’ve completed two successful battle night testings and are continuing to tweak our settings to prepare for the best war ever battled on Halo! It’s never too late to enlist! We’re looking for future leaders, content creators, and active folks who want to turn the tide of war!

Our next battle night is TOMORROW @ 7PM ET! Enlist today to take part in incredibly fun & competitive battles!

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Our next Beta War battle night is this Saturday @ 7PM ET! We’ll be testing Deadlock & Bazaar! It’s never too late to enlist, and we’re always looking for current & future commanders to lead Spartans into battle!! Enlist today at!

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We have just concluded a very successful Beta War and are now in the planning stages for our official WAR coming up in a few weeks! It’s never too late to enlist and take part in the fun!

Please reach out to me on discord with any questions! SpartanBH#5191

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Hey everyone! Now is the PERFECT time to enlist in Forerunner Conflict as we are preparing for our official War which will be launching in mid-March!!! Here are some details to what you can expect:

-We have a full-fledged lore department who will be writing weekly “frontlines” updates based on the results of the prior nights! The War is ever-changing and you’ll have an opportunity to make an impact!
-Battle Nights will be Saturdays at 7PM Eastern Time Zone (GMT -5:00)
-4v4 Maps will be featuring AR/Sidekick starts, BTB maps will be featuring BR/AR starts
-Enlistment is open for both armies, and we do have opportunities for squad leadership!
-Gametypes will be ones you’re familiar with in matchmaking, including Attrition on 4v4 and even some One-Flag CTF action on asymmetrical maps!
-There are no barriers to entry in regards to mandatory attendance, skill level, or if you are affiliated with any other clan/community; we are open to anyone and everyone ages 15 and over.

Please shoot me a message on Discord @ SpartanBH#5191 for more information! Make sure you bring your friends! Check us out at:

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Forerunner Conflict is gearing up for our war which is starting on March 12, 2022 @ 7pm ET!!! ENLIST TODAY!

-Must be at least 18 years old
-We’re open to anyone of any skill level and geographic location, however we operate primarily on Eastern Time Zone
-We have a fully fleshed out lore team who comes out with weekly lore updates relating to the war!

Message me on Discord @ SpartanBH#5191 for more info!

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That’s right! Forerunner Conflicts WAR has officially begun as of yesterday (March 12)! The Colonial Commonwealth Alliance defeated SolCore over a long-fought battle on the territory of Behemoth, and are now on the approach into SolCore territory! It’s never too late to enlist to take part in epic, weekly & competitive battles! Message me on Discord @ SpartanBH#5191 to learn more about enlisting!

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Another battle soon approaches. Will you stand there and let them take what is yours? Or will you take what is theirs? There is only one way to find out!MAKE YOUR MARK, ENLIST TODAY!!!

If interested in joining the CCA or Solcore, message either myself on discord at Ominous#5192 or Spartan BH at SpartanBH#5191

SolCore Chief of Staff Ominous Solace

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ATTENTION! A GALACTIC WAR HAS BEGUN AND YOU’RE NEEDED TO FIGHT FOR GLORY! Forerunner Conflict’s legendary WAR has launched and BATTLES are hosted weekly! Enlist today to take part in epic, competitive battle nights, which are hosted on Saturdays @ 7PM ET!

This weekend, SolCore will be attacking Behemoth and the CCA will be attacking Live Fire! Dust off your rifle and join the the fight today!

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That’s right! Forerunner Conflict’s War rages on Halo Infinite! The Colonial Commonwealth Alliance has been rolling through SolCore territories and is poised to attack SolCore’s capital High Power this Saturday @ 7PM EST!

SolCore could use some folks to assist in the defense of High Power and push the CCA Rebels back! Enlist today and take part in an epic battle event! This is a critical battle where the war may be decided or be a turning point for SolCore to march back at the CCA! Join FC today and you will not regret it! Bring your friends!

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ATTENTION!! Our Halo Infinite war has concluded with the Colonial Commonwealth Alliance securing a swift victory of SolCore! But WAR is flaring up again! Forerunner Conflict’s second WAR event of the year will be hosted on the Master Chief Collection! IT’S A BLAST FROM THE PAST! We’ll be hosting battle nights across Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, and Halo: Reach starting April 30, 2022! We will be hosting these weekly battle nights each Saturday until August 6, 2022! Enlist today to take part in epic battles across the Halo universe!

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We are preparing for our next WAR event on April 30, 2022! Battles will be hosted Saturday nights at 7PM EST on Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, and Halo: Reach! Enlist today to maximize your Halo experience and take part in legendary battles!!

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Our second war event of the year starts TOMORROW at 7PM Eastern Time!! The armies of SolCore are attacking the Halo 2: Anniversary map of Lockdown, and the armies of the Colonial Commonwealth Alliance are attacking Halo: Reach’s Delta Facility! Enlist today to take part in an epic Halo experience across multiple games!

Here’s a link to our discord!

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Battles are tomorrow at 7pm est!! CCA is attacking H2A’s Stonetown, and SolCore is attacking Halo: Reach’s Reflection! Enliat today to take part in epic weekly battles and turn the tide of war!!

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