Forcing us to play Ranked matches to complete challenges

It’s like 343 never learned from MCC. NOBODY WANTS TO PLAY RANKED TO COMPLETE CHALLENGES! Stop forcing us to play a mode we don’t want to play!
The fact that you can’t swap out a Ranked challenge with a non-Ranked challenge is extremely irritating, and there is absolutely no excuse for this to be a thing. The playlist most certainly isn’t “dying” like some people claimed when Ranked challenges were brought up in MCC. I don’t want to spend time completing a sweatfest challenge every week when I find Ranked to be utterly unenjoyable.


LOL I’ve said it before and will again. EVERY SINGLE MODE IS A SWEATFEST IF YOU ARE FACING PEOPLE TRYING TO WIN. Doesn’t matter if it’s ranked or social or btb. Every mode has a rank anyway, it’s just hidden. Stop hiding the rank in “social” (which is also a sweat fest thanks to sbmm) and show it. It doesn’t matter after all to some of you, who cares if you are a bronzie.


Was about to make a post about this. I hate playing ranked so much, i prefer playing BTB since its much more fun and chaotic, ranked involves too many sweats and ruins the fun

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Just ignore them and wait for them to change at the end of the week then. Problem solved…

Or maybe swap them out instead?

Swapping them just switches them to another challenge that involves ranked, did it like 3 times

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Maybe ones rank specific then, while the other two are not perhaps?

I love ranked, but I don’t believe there should be ranked specific challenges. That just leads to a bad ranked experience because now you get people not actually trying to win, but instead just trying to do their challenges. I’d rather that mindset stay in quick play.

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Depends on what type of ranked challenges they are. So far I’ve only seen two myself:

Play a handful of ranked match
Win a single Ranked Match

These are fairly easy enough to get through thankfully…

I’d rather have that mindset not in the game at all. Like, add in XP for doing well, and have challenges be a little bonus. Making challenges the primary way to progress just encourages people to play badly. We don’t need that in any playlist.

I mean ya, preferably I’d rather have the old exp system from Halo 3 or Reach.