Forces of Rage is recruiting

Hello fellow Spartans,

Forces of Rage on is recruiting. Right now we are a very small clan and are looking to expand for others who want to represent us. We consist of both casual and hardcore players. We are not professional gamers and play the game strictly to have fun and meet awesome new people. Whether you prefer to campaign, pvp, or both we are looking for all kinds of players.

Our one big rule is to be respectful to your fellow gamers and have fun. There are too many people who like to troll and put people down or take the game way to seriously that they lose sight of what is that makes playing games great. As long as it’s all in good fun and everyone is having a great time then it’s allowed. So feel free to check us out and anyone is welcome. If you would like to get a hold of me send me a message either here or on Xbox Live, my Gamertag is below.

See you all on the battlefield,