Forced to quit

I hate quitters they really annoy me. I never thought I’d quit until last night I hit the worst run of matches imaginable. First I was left in 4 on 1 situation with a good team of 4 who still needed 25 kills. No way I’m taking a minus 25 to my k/d ratio. So I quit. 2nd match was a 4 on 2 with the same team of 4 from the last match. Pointless, so I quit before we even got into the game. And it just went on and on and on.

All this because of 1 mis-match team wise, leading to all 3 of my team-mates quitting when the score hit 20-5 or something.

Why is it so hard to match 4 roughly equal players and have a decent match? I don’t expect warnings over MY quitting when served which such utter garbage last night that even someone as determined as me not to quit was left with absolutely no choice.

There should be no penalty for quitting a game where it’s severely unbalanced, either because 343 didn’t match the players very well or everyone else quit.

I think they should just implement drop-in/out matchmaking for non-ranked playlists; you couln’t just implement bots with a simple TU.

Or another idea, is similar to the message you get sometimes when someone betrayed you “do you want to kick this player out of the game”. You should be given a legitimate option to quit in certain circumstances. Ie you are the only Red left facing a pro-team of 4 blues who have all the sniper rifles, swords and shotguns. I bet the team I quit on were glad I did so they could actually get to a match with some challenge.

But the initial fault was with the matching, you don’t put a team of 4 Heros/Nobles all with headsets, 3 on the same machine. Against a bunch of random noobs none of which had a k/D of greater than 1.

Another thing which I hate is Slayer pro, surely that’s different enough to get it’s own separate category. I only want to ever play Slayer, not pro. Why force me to play a game I don’t want to?

And last but not least, the daily challenges which can be level-specfic even on Firefight matchmaking. Well if you’re trying to get 1000 kills on outpost, and the other vote for another level you aren’t going to be happy are you. Maybe find a way to jump to the right level for the challenges.

Yeah i really hate to get matched up against a team of 4 try hards when i get teammates that are playing halo for the 1st time. They really need to fix the matching system.

I usually just sign out before the game starts, that way you wont get banned.

I’ve actually ran into this a few times myself. I’ve been playing Reach Multiplayer for just about a year, and throughout this year i’ve been a part of some pretty strange matches.

I’ve been on teams that have lost VS. a team that only had 1 team member, and ive also been the lone guy that has managed to win VS. other 4 member Teams.

i know alot of people quit during Matchmaking, but i think that’s the nature of the beast, and for the most part cant be helped because you never know when your internet may go out, or a power failure, or someone’s game freezing might occur.

Personally, if i’m on a team and 1 or 2 of my members quit, I still stay and fight because I dont want the other team to sit back and get an easy win, however i do know that some players keep an eye on their K/D Ratio, and would prefer to rather leave the match rather than stay and possibly end up on the bad end of the match.

In the end, everyone has their own reasons for quitting, and/or sticking around, i agree that there are some things that could be implemented to help clean up some of the issues, but i guess only time will tell.

lol, because I was on a warning I had to complete my next match. Same thing happened, before the other team even hit 10 kills, I was on my own against a team of 4. But after that I did OK I got another 10 kills, to the other teams 14 (all me). Not the most fun, but I managed to make a game of it. But the team wasn’t as good this time and the level was more confined so using invisibility I was still able to kill. I was still -7 kills but I’m actually proud of my performance in limiting it to that. I got more kills than anyone else. And made the time-limit with the other team not even hitting 25.

The reason I’m concerned about my K/D ratio is I’m very new to online gaming deathmatch style play. So I was really awful at 1st, shockingly so. Now I’ve been consistantly improving it for some time, it’s gone from 0.61 to 0.69 in about a week. With no quitting, but recently my matches have been awful with everyone quitting on me when it appears the score isn’t going their way.

I have to wonder if the real problem is the stats. People get all worked up about things like K/D ratio and they forget it’s a game where you are supposed to have fun.

K/D ratio is a stierschiesse stat anyways; if I’m playing team slayer and I make a play that results in my death but enables my team mates to get three kills, I’ve played extremely well but my K/D ratio has gone down so I look like a bad player. The other team wins the opening race to the rocket launcher, so I kamikaze into the guys face and force a rocket suicide. My team mates grab the rocket and clean up, but all the stats record is that I died.

The Kraft Dinner stat also doesn’t reflect things like me PP overcharging people while my team mates headshot them: I’ve done 90% of the work but he gets 100% of the credit. I actually stopped playing Halo 3 matchmaking because of that exact scenario; I’m rocking the PP and downing shields and ghosts left right and centre, our team destroys, then I get crapped on by my team mates because “Your getting no kills and keep dieing you suck”.

If we’re going to record stats then the most important one should be Damage Inflicted. That way if I get a guy’s shield down and his health down into the red and some vulture with a DMR cowering in a corner headshots him I still get the credit I deserve. Hell you could have a “Killstealer” medal for a guy that has a high number of kills and/or headshots but a really low Damage Inflicted.

Yeah, I like the damage-based stat idea. Mine would be way higher than my K/D, I’m very kamikaze.

OK now I’m banned because I lost connection or something. Ridiculous! I’d just picked up the sword and was in a good match and then game over. I’m really not happy, how do you lodge an official appeal/complaint?

Never mind I’m unbanned again for some reason.

As someone who always searches with a party of talented players, I would support a surrender system. It’s not fun hunting down the last kid in squad slayer after his teammates quit on him.

OK I’ve just been banned again. Presumably for a network failure I have not quit any of the 30 or 40 games today. This is getting seriously -Yoinking!- irritating. If this keeps up tomorrow I’m going to end up abandoning Halo at this rate. I’ve done nothing wrong at all and I’m being unfairly locked out of a game I own and pay to play online. Sort it out 343!

it would be awesome to have an elite general with a FRG on your team if someone drops out.

“Your team-mates surrendered like cowards, the battle is lost soldier, surrender and live to fight another day?”
“Fight to the bitter end!”

I think this popping up when you’re on you’re own would be fair on everyone.

> I think they should just implement drop-in/out matchmaking for non-ranked playlists; you couln’t just implement bots with a simple TU.

This. Quits are always going to exist, may as well give 'em a place to do so.

Drop in/drop out social matches

> I think they should just implement drop-in/out matchmaking for non-ranked playlists; you couln’t just implement bots with a simple TU.

I don’t think they’ll ever do that. I like that method, but apparently, “Halo isn’t Call of Duty”, which Call of Duty is somewhat known for.

It’s a good idea. I’m just wondering why it was never put in the game in the first place.

OK I’m still getting the warning about quitting, this is just not fair. How do you lodge an official complaint, I’m serious. I want to know how to appeal against being blacklisted. I have done nothing wrong at all and keep being locked out of my game through no fault of my own. If this keeps up I’m going to try that Medal Of Warfare game that some people say is good. Maybe I’ll actually be allowed to play that one.

I’m banned for the 3rd time in 2 days because some clumsy team-mate walked into 1 of my grenade and killed himself and then kicked me from the game as a betrayal. That counts as a quit are you serious? I’m really fuming,

I played a serious amount of games with not 1 quit since the warning. Although I had 2 network failures yesterday beyond my control. Both times I was in a good position with no hint of a reason to quit.

I’m being victimised by the detection algorithms can a real human please sort this out?

I think you’re over-reacting a little here, AnthonyDemiurge. Not to say I don’t sympathise - I do, I’ve been in your position before - but getting upset and worked up isn’t going to help anybody here.

We’ve known for a long time that the betrayal system needs a good fixing, and unfortunately there’s no way for the Halo: Reach servers to recognise a quit due to network failure (as far as they’re aware, you just turned your console off). Quite simply: there’s not a lot anybody can do here.

Your best course of action would be to just take a small break from Halo for a day or so. That’ll be long enough for your probation period to expire, and then you can quite happily go back to dandying about again.

It’s just happened again. and this time he must have seen what happened. I stuck someone a fraction of a second before a team-mate decided to assassinate the same player. Now I’m banned again! For -Yoinks!- sake!

If there a ban, then there has to be a way to appeal the damn ban! I’ve never been more infuriated.

I’ve never been kicked out for a betrayal before now that’s 2 in no time. I’ve had that message 4 or 5 times and never kicked. This is -Yoink-. You say stop playing as if that’s some small inconvenience. I haven’t had this game long, maybe a month and I want to play on it. Maybe I should just chip my console and download games to play in single player, because believe me I ain’t paying for this -Yoink- again.

As annoying as this can be, Your best to just finish the game then leave the lobby and rejoin matchmaking, This way your not quitting, and you’ll still be in with a shot for the CR bonus.


> You say stop playing as if that’s some small inconvenience.

It is. Nobody’s forcing you to play, and to be honest, you sound like you’re just having a poor run - which is making you frustrated, and it’s also sending you here with demands nobody can meet.

Put the pad down, and have a day away from the game to relax and let your temper (and probation period) cool down. If you’re adamant you want to keep playing, then try Firefight for a little while. If you’re insistent on going into Matchmaking in this state, you’re only to blame for what happens.