Forced to play on US servers with 130 ms in ping or get banned for quiting

Yes this sucks, every 3rd game is on a US server with 100 ms in ping, especially on weekends. And if you quit theese games expect a ban.
It was importont for 343 to remove geofilter, because they want US players to have an advantage.
They dont give a fling about EU or Asian player forced to play on US servers.
Alot of people are still quting games with 100 ms ping servers.
Fix this or let people use Geofilter again!

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This was a 130 ms ping game, seems like everyone was quiting.

They won’t.

I’ve been playing Halo for 20 years and MS and it’s developers Bungie/343i have ALWAYS catered advantage to the US player base.
With preferred servers, connection, marketing, rewards and everything in between. If you are from the EU or Asia, you are gonna be Sh*t out of luck my friend.

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