Forced to get banned or be spawn camped

So apparently it’s a thing now where (bad) teams who I guess can’t hack it in arena, go into the social assault playlist, score twice and then proceed to not care about the bomb, treating it as a slayer match. I love going in alone and getting matched with random people, and getting spawn camped for 10 minutes because quitting would cause me to be banned. So basically you’re forced to either: Get banned, or have no fun getting wrecked and camped by tryhards thinking they’re on the HWC in a social match.

This is the biggest reason social matches shouldn’t have a quit ban. The quit ban is to stop people from quitting ranked games where other players would basically be ‘screwed and lose their rank’ because their teammates quit. Nobody cares about social, it’s not ranked, who cares if people quit, a new person will join shortly.