Forced slayer in ranked play

As some of you may have encountered yourselves, since the patch for slayer playlists has dropped there is an disporportionate amount of slayer ranked games going on. I have nothing against slayer itself but in ranked and all the time like this it promotes people just staying in a room where they shoot you from all angles instantly. This is to say the least, not fun, neither for the players winning this way nor the players receiving this treatment.

My personal solution is to make a background program that makes sure every game is a different mode from your previous one, because 8 back to back slayer games where I end up with 1 player dropping out instantly and 4 campers is not how I would describe having a challenging but fun mode. If the ranked community loves slayer to bits and wants more they can now play in slayer dedicated playlists, so why am I and many others getting punished so a few people who “can’t stand not starting with a BR” can ruin my and other’s fun

343 please fix this, as I said just add a background tracker that throws you into a different mode each time because rn I have 8/10 matches as ranked slayer, this is not fun for someone who does enjoy objective based games and with the new slayer playlists including swat there is no excuse for such a ratio in ranked to exist