Forced into Ranked for Challenges?

I’ll be brief. I don’t like Ranked. I don’t want to have to go into Ranked for anything. I have my own reasons for that steaming from anxiety and stuff. For no reason at all should I be forced to go into Ranked to do weekly challenges. If I don’t obviously, I can’t complete the weekly bonus or whatever. But no one should be forced to do Ranked for anything at all.


Agreed, I don’t want to do those either, plus just to test it out, I tried swapping them, total of 10 times, 5 in a row different times, only went back to rank challenges. All other challenges have swapped between playlists and styles before, so why not that one?

It’s apparently tuned for ranked because of an esport event. So it’s themed to an extent I guess…

Which means we’re all just going to have to suck it up and deal with it or do what we can and ignore the rest till next week.

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Why do you ppl not like Ranked? What’s the issue and why are you taking it so seriously?

If you don’t like the gamemode and want to complete your challenges then just play the games required…no one is going to judge you if you lose or don’t play well in the few games required to get your challenges done.

I don’t like Fiesta or the weapon set in Quick Play or BTB, but I suck it up and get on with it as I enjoy playing the game no matter how much I detest getting mowed down by the most low skill set weapons in the game.

Anyways, quit crying…play the Ranked games and get your challenges done. No one cares other than yourself what rank you are…it’s totally meaningless.


Is this what happens when challenges challenge people? This is a ridicules demand.


You are not “forced” into anything at all. I don’t like SWAT but I had to play that garbage for the 10 kills so that’s what I did. They are challenges you aren’t supposed to just get handed them.

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Don’t cry, just play modes you don’t have fun at because the game forces you to. Superior logic there guy :ok_hand:t2:

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I think Ranked Challanges are fine.

Locking the Ultimate Challenge behind Ranked Challenges tho? No. Just no.

So much for finding a balance between Casual and Competitive when you fomo lock items behind Ranked play.

MCC still has the right idea at the end of the day :
Challenges = Tokens.
Spend Tokens on Season Pass and unlocks.

Could make it so that Weekly Cosmetic takes 5 tokens to unlock, and you get 7 Social and 7 Ranked challenges weekly.

Oh you don’t like Ranked and want the Ultimate Challenge cosmetic? Looks like your Season Pass progression this week is gonna be slow.

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Also a lot of you people are totally missing the point here. what’s the point of challenge swaps if not to help you get challenges that align more with your play style and mode preference? Common sense isn’t very abundant here recently.

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They aren’t forcing you to do anything. You aren’t forced to play Ranked, you aren’t forced to go after the XP available and you aren’t forced to go after the weekly challenges…they are your own personal choices. Just like it was your choice to reply to my perfectly reasonable comment above…it’s not superior or inferior logic, it’s just common sense.

Why would your season pass progression be slow by playing ranked games? They are actually giving bonus XP for playing ranked so it actually makes it faster this week.

I hate that they force you into ranked play. It’s simple, I’m not good, I have fun playing but I’m not good so I steer clear of ranked because I don’t want to drag down other players

Sorry future teammates, I had no choice

Take a deep breath, and read my post again.

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At least the capstone reward is crap this week so we aren’t missing out on much while we struggle through another failed iteration of the challenge system. We need MCC’s challenge system where it’s usually one or two related to a weekly featured playlist (usually rotating through Action Sack game modes) and a bunch of generic missions that can be done in anything.

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You will only be matched with and against players of a similar skill level…and you may even find it easier than Quick Play or BTB as SBMM is used on those game modes too. Ranked doesn’t necessarily have to mean “competitive”…what it really means for all players is that it’s matching you with players of a similar skill level. Try it and just play like you would in the playlists that you usually play…you might even end up liking it!

Are you serious? Do you even play this game? I’ve been screamed at by players in ranked because I wasn’t meeting their expectations.

Not to mention if you do poorly and lose you can drag down your teammates as well…

So your logic, is unbelievably flawed, misguided, or idiotic…you pick.


I’m with you. My bad :sunglasses::+1:

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Sounds like you got teamed up with a right bunch of -Yoink!- then tbf. What rank are you, were you playing with friends (if so, what rank are they), and which ranked playlist were you playing on if you don’t mind me asking?

And my logic isn’t flawed, misguided or idiotic…it’s purely speaking from my own experience of playing Ranked games. If your experience or issues with players that you have played with doesn’t match mine then that’s not my fault.

That’s not a bad way of looking at it.

It has happened to me before and I am currently plat rank, was playing open playlist with a friend who was plat rank at the time and I was yelled at and then later messaged by a rando due to performance. The guy was diamond rank and also went very neg so he really had no room to talk.

I like ranked so I can deal with a few jerks here and there but if someone doesn’t like ranked they shouldn’t be coerced into playing it. And I also don’t want to have teammates in ranked more focused on challenges than winning.