Forced FFA modes on small maps along with buggy mechanics

What is the reason why 343 keeps adding stuff most people do not want to play? The 4v4 maps are very small and designed such way having a FFA fights are very frustrating. Couple this with stupid (or “fun” if you are game designer who doesn’t even play their own game) modes such as a “vampiric oddball” or the mentally challenged energy sword thing. Forcing FFA melee modes clearly shows how uneven and buggy the game really is though.

The maps for Lone Wolves playlists have always felt small due to the nature of FFA.

Swords has been a classic in Lone Wolves & Team Slayer playlists since Halo 3. I agree that the melee in this game is overall buggy, but this game type itself is awesome and a move towards a better overall game. I’d say this game mode should have been included Day 1.

IDK what vampire ball is, haven’t gotten into that game mode in MM yet.