Forced CrossPlay is a scam by Microsoft

It actually doesn’t. It has a setting to turn off non Xbox live connections. But the PC version also uses Xbox live.

This was the response to my CS ticket about it that I received.

“ Hi Hot Juicy Pie,

So while Halo Infinite is available on Steam, that version of the game still requires all players to use Xbox accounts. All platers, including those on Steam, are playing using Xbox accounts so all that Xbox privacy setting being used will still work as expected. ”

It only blocks playing Switch and PlayStation Users on games like Rocket League and Smite

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Crossplay is a good thing. It increases the pool of available players for the games that have it, which in turn increases the game’s life. Crossplay is something I’ve been wanting to see for a long time and it has made me very happy to see it become a common thing in video games in the past few years.

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I have literally seen children’s toys used to play rainbow 6 siege. I’m saying the capability to bypass controller is very available and I don’t think it’s a huge deal to request the option to restrict it to just Xbox. Literally just want the option and not be forced into cross play. But if you want to run a Xbox live emulator by all means.

I just wish I had an option to toggle crossplay in social like I can in Modern Warfare and BOCW. Sure, I’d leave it on most of the time, but at least in SWAT where the TTK is so much faster due to instant headshots, I’d like to be able to set it where I only play with people who have the same input device as me.


As someone who has used crossplay since its most basic form i can tell you its only been MS that actively forces it down your throat, i dont mind it when i can control when i decide to use crossplay and as for the Halo bit up until the MCC on steam Halo was only available on one platform making your statement pretty irregular and redundant

MS have done this crap with every launch of every 1st party game that comes to Xbox and PC, it should be player choice which platforms said player chooses to play with and this point we all know now its just to give PC players the numbers they need to enjoy the game after it loses 90% of its player base on PC


If you don’t like its, go to xbox settings and disable crossplay from there, problem solved.
I do think 343 Industries should have an option to disable it in game, but for now, you still have the Xbox / MICROSOFT option to disable it.

( So not a scam )

That doesn’t work. It only makes it so you can’t match with people outside of Xbox Live, like Switch and PlayStation Crossplay. But Steam and Gamepass PC both use Xbox Live accounts.


This is not a fix still get hit with pc players thanks for interest in a solution though!

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Lol that doesn’t work, not in halo not in warzone

Well, I guess it’s a per game basis.

It works with among us. For some reason.

Edit: Now that I think about it, why Among Us of all things?

Tbh, this entire game feels it was built on a lie.

I was kind of hoping 343 would have done a lot better after a decade of working with the community/previous titles and learn from their mistakes, but it’s clear as day that either they don’t care or literally don’t know how to.

There are a few things that have taken place that shouldn’t ever have like forced cross-play that should have been optional and things that should have taken place that didn’t, like creating a quality type of game for the player base.

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Yeah it looks like it’s depending on the game probably not free to play ones

At least they got they more important thing right. The gameplay.

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I can’t wait until they disable crossplay but it’s not a scam. Who crapped in your wheaties this morning?


The people I play halo with the most are both console only players. Why should I be forced to buy a console and a game just to play with my friends when crossplay is a thing? I’ve wanted crossplay forever so I can actually play on pc. I definitely don’t want it turned off lol


I think it’s a scam because it’s such a easy fix and they haven’t done it. They are definitely aware of the uproar about forced crossplay they get angry tweets support tickets and forms about it daily. So why wouldn’t they fix it when the option is already in the game just not implemented? I think it’s because Microsoft is telling them not to. I mean what else would be the logic or reasoning to not fix the issue?

I’m confused how it’s not a fair experience. Is it because of MKB vs Controller?

for some it feels not fair about the controler vs MKB.
and thats for some people on the xbox side that feel it and also some on the pc side that feel the same.

and then we have on the Xbox side that have the reason there not wane play with a high level cheating risk from the PC side more.

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sucks to be you because the cons out weights the pro by a landslide.
My question is why hasn’t been there in the first place as an option and these updates still don’t have the option to turn it off.

I can tell you why, if the option was there Halo will be doomed with a snap of a finger. 343 should no longer do Halo games after this.

I understand the controller vs MKB issue. The design decision to make controller players not have aim assist when shields are broken, when jumping and to lose 50% aim assist when firing all to try and even the playing field for MKB players is annoying. The game should just have input based options for all game modes.

High level cheating is more common on PC. But you are almost twice as likely to come across someone using a modded controller then you are an extreme PC hacker. That said they game should have launched with an anti-cheat day one. So I see this as a 343 problem and not a PC problem.