Forced CrossPlay is a scam by Microsoft

Forced crossplay is unfair and unnecessary I think everyone even pc players can agree to that. Halo was an Xbox game I have no problem playing with pc players but if I want to get ranked or even play swat forget about it. The playing field isn’t fair and it favors pc players halo was an Xbox game! How do you really not care about a fair experience for us?!? It’s ridiculous the feature is there you can see it why is it not implemented? I refuse to spend any more cash on this game until it gets fixed and I honestly do think this is just a Microsoft scheme Battlefield Call of duty warzone and now halo… all forced why I couldn’t really tell you. But I know on PlayStation you can turn off crossplay. Not everyone wants cross play 24/7 and to force it to the community that loved your games from the start is vile. Forced cross play should be a thing it should never be a thing if I wanted to play pc players I would build one. It’s not fair and it exposes us to possible cheaters to make things even more unfair. Please change this asap!


I wouldn’t go as far to say it’s scam but crossplay and cross peripheral should definitely be options. If a console player with controller wants to only play other controller console players it should be an option.

Would also solve the issue of pc players crying about aim assist from little billy on the living room tv on his Xbox one


But that’s the thing why can PlayStation switch it off and not Xbox? (Other games) Also I think it should just restrict to consoles not controllers with a few dongles anything can read as a controller. There just needs to be options the lack of choice and options isn’t fair and it leaves players with a sour taste. Not to mention it seems like it would be such a easy fix.
Maybe if Sony owned windows they would be doing the same thing though? :thinking:

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What does this have to do with Sony they don’t even have access to halo lol. On other games with crossplay like call of duty xbox, pc and ps can turn it off lol

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If only that was true… Sony doesn’t force crossplay Xbox dose.

There’s an option in the privacy and safety settings that turns crossplay off.


If we are talking about warzone yeah there is but if your on Xbox you can’t play any game modes unless you enable crossplay. If I could upload images I would.

Well I don’t play warzone. Every game is different. I just know Xbox does has a setting to turn of cross-platform matchmaking.

Well the issue is PC users can also use controllers so.

Yeah but you’ll never find a Warzone game if you do enable that setting so it’s completely irrelevant.

You can disable crossplay on MW matchmaking though, but the in game option isn’t there for WZ.

Question: Why is it bad that we can use controllers?

I dunno i was just pointing it out that you could probably bypass the cross play lock by using a controller.

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Pc users can register anything as a controller with a few dongles so wouldn’t be to hard to bypass mouse and keyboard. And if some players on Xbox use the same bypass’s oh well at least it’s not the majority forced crossplay is hawt garbage. There is no need for it or justification and I also tried the privacy settings method to fix this issue no I still get pc players even after settings fix and hard reset.

OG Halo fan here. I’ve been asking for crossplay for years. Why would you NOT want to play with your friends on other devices? It’s a way to include everyone on the same platform.


The ability isn’t the issue it’s the fact that it’s forced options are needed and not implemented and there is no reason not to.


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Yeah crossplay sucks and 343furries should at least give you the option die deactivate the whole thing

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Most games now once you start the game with controller or keyboard ot locks you to that one until you restart the game. I dont know about infinite tho, haven’t tried it.

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Not everyone has friends that play on PC…so why should those console players that don’t (which is probably the majority) be forced to have to play with or against PC players? We also see a lot of complaints from PC players complaining about our non existent “aim bot” on console so the same principle works vice versa. We should all have the option to disable platform based crossplay…console vs console, PC vs PC plus an option where everyone can play with and against each other. It’s the simple fact that this decision has been made by the powers that be and forced upon us without choice is the issue.

Scam may be a bit too far, but I definitely think that games were better for me when PC players were just playing against other PC players with no aim assist involved

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If that’s your argument, we could technically cook up some tech wizardry and spoof PCs as console boxes to bypass.

Gosh, I guess Consoles will never win huh?