Forced crossplay blows

Exhausted from being completely dominated. I am used to losing but being destroyed in every match because I’m up against pc players is just not fun.


It wouldn’t be a problem if aim assist was fixed. Because in Mcc, PC players are nothing to worry about

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We need input-based match making as the default for all game modes, and also the option to disable cross-play between Xbox and PC. Period.


I have cringing faith they will stick to there promis and this is just because it’s the beta.[

@WoNtOn_ShAwN I hope so… I prefer to have options…

it’s a tough call of course pc players can max their frame rates but theres nothing on a pc that tells the monitor how to output. with xbox the whole point is theres a conversion thats done to make sure you get consistency no matter the size of the display. all that done manually with pc. which can be a pain if you dont know exactly what to do so if you are getting beat by players they know what the heck they are doing.

There is no correlation between getting dominated and playing against pc players, I play on pc with a controller and I get hard matches too, yesterday I won 2 matches and lost 9