Forced Cross-play and PC Cheaters Broke the Game

The title says it all…forced cross play is so stupid.

Just got rolled by some Steam account where the player had heavy auto-aim…he was shooting the wall around players and getting perfects :joy: same player couldn’t even move around the map or jump on the truck in Bizzar….if I wanted to play with PC cheaters I would have bought a PC…turn forced cross play off…no one wants it.


Nah bro the game is just broken in general. It was probably just all the lag and desync

a lot know its stupid the force crossplay option all.

but sadly its not going to chance at all it seems.
since the new cod game also has force crossplay between xbox console and PC platform and the cod players there are also not happy about that at all.

REF: Custom Games

I hope we we get the new update on Nov.8 we will have the ability to turn off cross play.

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i hope so to.
but my feeling is telling that Xbox console and PC platform are now always stuck in the force crossplay setting in any big titel game more and that the hate about it to force it is only becoming worse and worse more since microsoft not wane listing at all to the bad feedback about it.

It not only cross-play cheaters, the reality is, people still use the lag-switching cheat, it could be why melees don’t connect, rockets go right through people, etc, etc.

There are many cheaters in all games, but Microsoft forcing people into cross-play, knowing full well that the PC game market is rife with cheaters, it just shows the only metric they use for decision-making is profit, not the actual enjoyment customers get from their product.

I have a few good games here and there, but in the vast majority of games I will come up against cheaters, I have been playing games long enough, and know what many of the cheats are to have a pretty good idea whether a person is cheating or not.

Consoles have lag-switching, but PC’s are a whole different animal.

i think we get soon or later that in some game communety’s get a bit of a war between the xbox console players vs PC platform players.
if the force crossplay idea is going to stay in a lot off game’s.
that people from the Xbox console communety are marking the PC platform players as cheaters and there stop to care if there play fair or not that there still get the mark as cheater since there play on the PC platform.

that there is crossplay between the 2 platforms i can still accept but so long its still force and has no turn off option i cant accept it and hate it the crossplay system at all.

first we got the console war and maybe next the platform war.

You can turn it off on the Xbox settings on COD. I’ve been doing it. Takes a little longer to get a game but it works.

I haven’t played in a while except yesterday but yeah forced cross play or even cross play being on as an automatic setting is really dumb. It’s not good for players at all.

you are compleet wrong.
if you turn it off in the xbox settings then its still pointless since in the game its still working.
and the new cod modern warfare 2 has force crossplay between xbox and pc and the setting from your xbox serie’s x is not working at all since the game is not listing to the settings from your xbox at all.

Don’t forget that consoles also have Cronus Zen

There’s cheaters on console as well lmao and on PC maybe less than 1% cheat. There’s no way you run into them consistently.

Also don’t forget the game is practically dead on PC because of terrible optimization and graphics. And to top it off 343 hasn’t done enough to fix lag and desync.


Video games need stronger anti-cheat options, Crossplay is awesome and allows for more players and content. I want Crossplay to stay so that one day, modding support expands for the console versions of games to nearly match PC versions!

That’s fine and dandy. But let the user have the option to turn on or off crossplay!

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there is no golden anti cheat solution at all that is going to work 100% against cheaters.
if there was a golden anti cheat solution i know for sure that activision is going to use it first in there cod game’s.

stay yes only with a turn off switch others its a no no.