Forage - Make Falling elevator Platform

Hello every one, I was wondering if it were possible to make a falling platform to act as a falling or broke elevator.

I want to have inatail spawns to start on top of a 4x4 block with walls on all sides about 200 feet tall, except on one side on the vary bottom. That parts done and falls straight down like a falling elevator.

I set physics to normal of course and put a pallet under it to hold it up. then a few mines to blow it up when you shoot at it. that part works, but the 4x4 block dose not fall ?

just sits there ?

if i were to start the game with out the pallet there, the 4x4 block has already fallen ?
So we set > Start at- FLASE then Reswan to 10secs to account for the game start count down timmer, but again it has already spawned and fallen.

Any thoughts?