For UK people who ordered from GAME

I ordered my LE Halo 4 copy from game, which then dispatched last Wed. Now people are saying that they hold them at the depot until Tuesday as they instructed to only deliver on launch day.

Now what I was wondering is:

If I go to the Depot now, can I jut pick it up from them, presuming they have it? Or will they tell me they can’t give it to me until tomorrow??

I would also like to know this, my depot is just down the road, if they’ll release it, I’d like to go collect it…

hmmm, give them a call?

Probably tell you you can’t have it. Most companies get them shipped in boxes with a big red sticker telling them not to sell or give out until 6th.

My depot is also just down the road but they sent several emails saying they will make sure we got it on TUESDAY, so I am assuming they will ONLY deliver on Tuesday.

Was hoping to get it today though T_T I want to play! I WANNA PLAY! and woah waypoint changed while I slumbered!

It’s the same as Game station, My copy was at my local depot and when I attempted to collect it they turned me down. Understandable but the packages was strictly forbidden to be delivered until the 6th. Kinda sucks really but then again, it’s fine.

Oh the joys… To think they have it but wont give it me early…

Whats actually worse is my postman does his rounds in the afternoon, 12:40 today wooo…

At least I managed to book in my Halo tattoo for Thursday, thats one success at least!

All postal services have been strictly requested to hold each copy they have until the actual release date.

When I bought The Halo Reach Legendary edition the box it came in was sealed with tape that said “dont send Until September 14”

same goes with store copies, I asked my Local game if there was any chance I could pick up my copy a little early but they are dedicated to keep the 12:01 thing, as for postal service, they cant give them out early as they probably need to have a signature to sign for…

I really dont know, im just guessing here. But this seems likely

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