For those who still asks for a Bttle Royale in Halo

See how the “update” for BTB made BTB doesn’t work at all?
343 isn’t even able to run a 12v12 mode, imagine how even worse a BR would work.

BTB is ABSURDLY broken for me. I got 6 different error messages in a row, got booted out of the menu with NO message, was told I couldnt connect to my own fireteam, was told i didnt OWN my own fireteam despite being the only person in it, the finally loaded into a BTB match where the entire HUD and UI were mysteriously missing. BTB is my main gamemode, it’s insane to me how the community it talking about cat ear COSMETICS when the game is literally unplayable. Even when this with the cosmetic is bad.

It’s pretty wild that this is where we’re at now, with new modes releasing into a game with serious unaddressed issues with desync, aim assist inconsistencies, and inadequate anticheat, and “patches” that actually seem to move us backwards. Some day this might still be a good game. Today sadly isn’t that day. Tomorrow’s not looking good either.

Campaign has cut content, and a lot of things happen offscreen, repetitive, lack of biomes, lack of vehicle presence, lack of big battles, barely any unsc presence despite it being about restoring unsc presence, all cutscenes look exactly the same.

BTB is broken, custom game and file share is broken, theatre mode broken, desync. Limited game modes, limited maps, zero progression system, all customization locked behind paywall, zero stat tracking.

No coop mode, no forge mode.

20 dollars for the color blue, 60 dolllars in total for all armor cores.
Edit: I know the costs are reduced but it’s still waaaaay too much

What’s good about this game? The music, the core gameplay mechanics, and return to form. This is something that should be expected but since they nailed it perfectly, it’s the only saving grace about this game, the only thing that makes it playable.

Compare this to reach, odst, 1, 2, and 3, 4 and even 5, it’s nowhere as complete. Like act man said, it this halo games were like burgers and fries, then halo infinite is just a patty without bread or any toppings or a side of fries. Did they cook the patty and season it pretty well? Yes, but where the hell is the rest of my food.

This game is haning on by a thread


TLDR for others:
Just the regular complaints about Infinite, you know from other posts.
Nothing really Battle Royale specific.


Cause when you see the addressed problems, a BR mode would be more worse :stuck_out_tongue:

Microsoft is going to buy Activision.
Maybe they could send some people who’ve worked on battle royales to help them?

What new modes are you talking about?
If you mean “Attrition”, if I’m correct, it’s been finished since a while ago.

Also, as far as I know, no one’s asking for a battle royale to be added while the game is broken and lacking.

I don’t get why people think 343 would be spending so many crazy amounts of resources on a BR. In all likelihood it would be a support studio like Certain Affinity who would probably be creating the entire BR mode. It wouldn’t likely take much time from 343 themselves, especially since the mechanics for a BR are all pretty much already in the game.

I whole heartedly agree though, that BTB still being broken is exceptionally sad and disappointing. I just want to grind BTB all night sometimes. 2020 and 2021 I had plenty of nights grinding H3 BTB all evening, it was longer transporting back to 2007, and I want to get some of those nights for Infinite :frowning:

You can only draw a connection between 12v12 BTB and Battle Royale if you know the specifics of the current BTB issues.

If I understand you correctly, you’re assuming “More player = more errors”. I don’t think that’s necessarily true. This would mean that BTB would work if there were only fewer players.
But you have to separate between correlation and causality.

I don’t think the amount of players is the issue, and it’s something else which makes the coding/infrastructure of BTB unique compared to 4v4.
There “could” be a situation in which 4v4 has errors and BTB works fine.

Btw: BTB worked fine during the “beta”. The matchmaking errors appeared after the official launch.

Forget 12v12, they can’t even get netcode to work for 4v4 games.

The netcode in this game is the worst I have ever seen in a AAA game with dedicated servers, period. It feels like the game is running on servers in Pakistan using pentium 4 CPUs and dial up internet with a 5 Hz tickrate.

The campaign map is the battle royale map. I’m calling it.

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Sean W (Halo YT creator) got rumors from a “super secret source” in late 2020/early 2021 that the campaign map would indeed be the BR map. There was also info that the ring that closes in would be flood related >.>

Tbf, that was long enough ago that changes could have been made since then for sure. I’ve been following Sean W for a long time now though, and almost every “inside source” rumor he’s put out has come to fruition, or was confirmed to have been worked on during Infinite’s development at some time. So I think there’s some solid possibility here.

I wouldn’t be surprised. There was a player count glitch in the lobby upon booting up the game that would jump to 1/100. I don’t know what it means for sure, but it’s there!

Even if they wanted to use zeta halo for BR it isn’t really furnished enough for a battle royal, I’ve said the same thing before about 100 players compared to a 12v12. It’s a little too bland isn’t it? They need to add more weapons too, especially more rifles. Needle rifle, DMR, etc

Bro before we even start asking about a BR…lets see if they can throw in king of the hill or something first lol…considering they barely put anything in this game to begin with lol. Give them another 6+ years and then maybe…just maybe they’ll include it.

Nitpicking here, but what?

Yoroi and MKVII are free and MKV B is $10, where do you come up with the $60 figure?