For those who say "BR starts have more weapon use diversity than AR starts" go watch HCS

You are allowed to like BR starts for how they play; that is a valid opinion.

What you can not due is claim BR starts have more weapon use diversity than AR starts or that BR starts encourage more map weapon use. It is just factually wrong to suggest that and always has been.

The only difference between past Halo AR starts and Infinite’s is Infinite’s AR is not absolute trash so it doesn’t leave you comepletly useless like past Halos did. Do not say “you just had to know how to use past ARs”, there was always better weapons for any situation and the BR was even stronger so spawning with an AR either made you immediately switch to the BR (or whatever other secondary you had) or drop the AR as soon as possible because it was useless. While it is not longer that weak it is still not as useful as the BR and does encourage more weapon variety.

You may not like AR starts but they do have more weapon use diversity at basically any level of play except for maybe at the lowest skill level.

Playing Ranked and watching HCS is proof of this fact.