For those who need specializations!

Hello my friends, I am a Nigerian Prince. Prince Arbiter bin Sanghelli.

After a civil war in my nation, it is time to reclaim my throne. In order to do so, I will need to raise an army. I can only do this with your help.

If you send me 10,000 USD to raise my army, when my homeland has been recovered I will march on 343 and Microsoft, and those loyal patriots who donated money will receive 7 additional specializations. You heard right, not the +6 that you were expecting, +7! The additional one being the Nigerian Guard class, based off of my personal guard.

I’ll accept cash, credit cards, money orders, checks, MSP, or DLC.

I know you’ll help me make history, thanks in advance.

Here take my munney.

Here is the link to my PAY PAL.


OP came up with a nice lol