For those who are concerned about the futer of halo

Those of you who are concerned about HALO 4, What area are you most concerned about?

A copy and paste playstyle from Halo2/3.

My biggest worry is having “headshot” jump on the screen (or any other gameplay announcement via words on screen). I enjoyed the tactful medals on the bottom right with the announcer jumping in when you did something “special.” I’m hoping this was just in a specific gametype and not the default mode.

campaing its one of the reason i bought the game, sci fi just kill me, like star wars did and star wars its still like my top fav. movie

Multiplayer without a doubt, i have no concern’s over campaign and i am sure 343i will deliver an experience i will enjoy, alas the same cannot be said for multiplayer at this point in time.

halo multiplayer going down the toilet with stuff its not supposed to even touch.

There is already a Reach vibe in the videos. I’m certainly concerned for MP.

I’m concerned for Campaign, Reach was okay, but it was the worst one in my opinion. I want one that I can replay the hell out of.

Just wondering, but where is the option for “No Worries Here!”

Multiplayer, campaign will be good, I’m sure, but MP is an unseen card and might be anything from great to horrible. No reason to worry since there literary is not enough info to form an opinion, but still. If anything were to fail, it would be MP

For those who came from the flood, you will know what i mean by this:

The “futer” meme is back…