For those struggling with Last Spartan Standing challenges

I agree.

But acting like MCC has a healthier population than Infinite is outlandish and factually incorrect.

I like this new mode (2 bad only one map for it).
But a challenge like gather 2500 points… I managed to finish it after playing 5 games. While I’m some where middle player (manage even to finish on second place in one game), I image how it is hard to finish such challenge for new joiners.
I think for such short events the requirements should to be as low as it could.


It’s because only 1 player per match could do that. It would completely stunt challenge progression. The best they could do is say, “Finish in the top 6 of a LSS match”. It would have the same effect of winning a standard 4v4 match (half the players get credit for winning).

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I did five this evening May do the rest over the weekend… just wondering if the ultimate challenge is a worthy challenge/linked to LSS?

I was burnt out on the mode after my first match lol.

Unfortunately I got to stick with it to get the stance and free stuff.

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The ultimate is complete 3 LSS matches. Which is less grinding than the rest of them at least.

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Considering it’s a complete match challenge 3 isn’t bad. Although, I think I’d rather something along the lines of collect 10 dead souls…

Not sure what you call the XP you collect when somebody is booted!

Or score 2000 points in 1 match!

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This week challenges was the easiest so far, even the Ultimate Challenge. Smacking players in LSS isn’t hard to me, I usually smack players in close-quarters, because sometimes my aim sucks. The 10000 points was funny, because I was behind it only 50 points. :smiley:
I only skipped the CTF one, which was confusing a bit and I don’t want hope get into a CTF match. Since most challenge can be done in LSS or Fiesta.

So I got the stance, got all the event items and I guess the final narrative cut-scene.

Wait 25 melee kills and 10000 score… Dude I didn’t get those, the highest I got was 7500 cummulative score,

.y final challenge was just complete 5 matches, went it died quick left did that three times and boy was it efficient.

I had alot of complete LSS matches challenges, so I basically sped ran through the weekly.

Damn Kinda happy I didn’t get the 25 melee one

i might be mistaken, but i don’t think the final narrative cut-scene is unlocked. think everybody gets it.

I challenge swap the ones that require Backsmacks or Melee kills, I consider them the ones that drive me insane like Pulse Carbine kills

Getting backsmacks in LSS is a bit frustrating and takes a lot of time, at least for me. I am by no means a good player and I was really surprised when i won a few matches. Mainly because I couldn’t find a enemy to shoot at.

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Weird, backsmacking or just smacking enemies is easy to me. Maybe because I’m a terrible shooter so I simply beat the my enemies to the death.