For those struggling with Last Spartan Standing challenges

If you don’t like the gametype or the mode, do the 5 easiest challenges for yourself.

Next week there will be 10 more and you can just do 5 then and get everything in the event pass.

Don’t burn yourself out on a mode you aren’t enjoying trying to do all 10 including the more difficult or long winded ones like 25 melee kills or 10,000 score.


Some people on here absolutely hate the game mode, to the point that I don’t think they’ll even play six matches a week. I personally like it.


You do know you can’t choose what challenge to go after, right?

If they are unlucky that they get stuck with the hardest ones first…


I’m actually surprised there isn’t a challenge to win a LSS game. I’ve won about 5 and must have played about 20 games so far.

All the challenges I have are either get x score or complete games which is worse than having to win in my opinion.

I think they are tiered but as you can work on 3-4 at a time you should be able to get through all five without having to do any hard ones.

I’ve done 9 so far as I want to get the exp and do the weekly and I like LSS. But the challenges are a drag. I’m getting 1-2 melees a game and need 25. Have lost a few games already due to trying to beatdown everything.

Im doing the same thing. Got my 5 challs and stopped at the 25 melee one cus that could take a couple dozen games for me. At first I was hating the mode after a few games but its growing on me. Itll be even more fun when the other BTB maps enter rotation

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Yeah I just hit 10. I’m undecided whether I will bother doing more. Doubtful. I think I’ll just play ranked this weekend and go for the Onyx nameplate.

I’m not too fussed about the weekly challenge stance, will never use it.

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You will miss out on the free Stance this week, and so far we have no Exchange or anything to try and get it again. FOMO at its finest.


Doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

I aged out of FOMO a long time ago.

FOMO reflects badly on the party implementing it, no matter if it affects you or not. Once again it shows how disgustingly anti-consumer 343 is regarding their products and their audience.


Disgustingly anti-consumer. LOL.

Every company is anti-consumer. Every large scale company is designed to maximise profits by giving the bare minimum they can get away with for the highest price. No one is out here doing favours for free.

FOMO in games exist because multiplayer games require regular players consistently to offer better matched games and more playlist options. The alternative to remove FOMO is to remove an incentive for players to come back every week.

The idea people feel FOMO on missing out on a beige visor or stance which they will never use is ridiculous. I know it exists but it is ludicrous behaviour. Yes they could make it so it comes back and people will complain about recycled weekly prizes. It’s a lose-lose for them. People will complain either way and they will lose a motivator for regular players.

An element of FOMO is healthy for a games population even if it negatively affects some players as the players who play regularly will reap the benefits of a healthier game. Quicker, better matched games. The double edged sword.

Im not going for the stance because it looks very similar to one I already have

If I don’t get it done I don’t get it done, it’s that easy.

Not the end of the world for me. This way I can play the game for fun the way I want too. :blush:


I just lost 2 easy challenges. After my lives depleted I left my games because it worked fine yesterday. Now two of my easier challenges are gone without anything to show for it. :angry:

My two challenges were: Kill 10 spartans, and Complete 2 games

Edit: Scratch that…the game finally loaded my event progress. It’s been atleast 30min but I’m up to date now. Crisis averted :smile:


Yeah known bug unfortunately. They’re working on it.

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This is where the issue lie. If your game is so unfun to the point people are only playing it for rewards, then your product is inferior off the bat. Why is it that MCC manages to retain a population? Because the game experience or user experience is good.

343 has always failed at delivering a good user experience, and that’s reflected by all their titles having dwindling populations, requiring constant injections of “new things” in order to get players back.

If your game requires such frequent injections to keep players interested, then perhaps the game just isn’t a fun product to retain an audience in the first place. FOMO isn’t gonna help retain that audience either, it’s just gonna drive them away, as seen with Infinite’s massive population drop after the first month.

It’s not like Halo is an MMO either where it’s being constantly updated by design due to player and content progression, Halo is Halo and it’s an Arena Shooter first and foremost. Yet 343 doesn’t think to even add basic Progression aside from the Battlepass. Something that has existed in previous titles. Heck even Halo 5 had SRs. Wow.

I still can’t understand why people like SR progression. Genuinely baffling to me as a concept.

People should play a game for the fun of it, but every competing game has regular stuff popping off. You have to do something to compete for the majority of players.

MCC holds a weak population.

MCC holds a stable one, something Infinite can’t even dream of having.


That is fanatical.

Total absence of reality.

And your defense of the negatives of Infinite’s implementation isn’t? Double standard much. It’s one thing to preach the success but you must also be mindful of the failures. Infinite has plenty wrong with it and defending those faults isn’t gonna help it improve.

Unlike you, people who are on the same track of thought as I am see Infinite as something that can be improved instead of coddling the missteps the Dev makes, and continue to make, whenever it becomes a subject of discussion.