For the people complaining about playlists...

Since the servers are down I may aswell use the time to give my thoughts on the people complaining about a lack of playlists in multiplayer.

There’s no point coming on the forums crying because there isn’t your favourite playlist on multiplayer right now. Yes there aren’t many playlists on the game yet and even though you may think ‘this isn’t a good standard for a launch’, you should also take into consideration the amount of playlists active for the launch of MCC, and how broken the game was. I’m not saying there’s a correlation between playlist numbers and a broken game, but I think 343i were more focused on releasing a working, smooth game rather than one that was packed full of content that half of the community wasn’t even interested in.

There are enough playlists in the game currently to tide people over until more come and quite clearly each weekend they’re adding a community voted choice. The playlists that are in the game currently provide enough variation for the game not to get boring unless you’re playing 12 hours a day every day. Arena has a large amount of gamemodes to give enough variety from game to game. Warzone stands in until BTB is available, it might not be the same but it’s still the mass amount of power weapons and vehicles that everyone is looking for. And at least they have the important ones in place (Slayer, Arena, FFA etc).

So if you’re complaining about a lack of playlists or 343i not yet putting in the playlist you want, just wait and it’ll be there before long. I’m just glad we have a working enjoyable game to play.

Black ops 3 works fine and has 10x more content in its multiplayer than Halo…

You can completely understand the reasoning behind the limited options as far as playlists go and still think it sucks. Understanding the reason also doesn’t make the boredom of limited options go away. I would further say being grateful just to have a functioning game is the wrong attitude. The game should just work as a bare minimum.

Coming soon is not good enough, the December update should have been in the game at launch. People shouldn’t be OK with such little content.