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Take your time to read, because theres alot here to read…

Thanks xDMy first ideas for the pack : Of maps, in the Map pack xD see what i did there :slight_smile:

  1. New Alexandria OR New Mombasa ( I Know Mombasa is earth but that’s what will make it awsome )
    i suggest we have this, it could be many things,
    A: A 2nd forge world , people are getting bored with the old forge world, and the community need new scenery to forge in, or Forge will just get boring for the reach community.B:a flying map, since reach dont have one other than forge world, good for new vehicle testing, if 343 want to add their new creations into the map to test out, a multiplayer pelican xD or phantom? seraph? some say it might be impossible, but not for 343 xD

  2. A Covenant Rallypoint,
    A: A Good Invasion/ Firefight, would be fun to play as the covenant defending eh? ive got your attention now, Fighting spartans? how joke huh? Pelicans unloading marines, scorpions being unloaded to kill you,

  3. Sandtrap(from Halo 3) At Night!
    A: I Know Halo isnt really on Reach…kinda impossible, but the pack needs more scenery outside reach, so what about sandtrap, but a twist, at Night, the Light beams outside the map shining light on the map, and instead of a frigate, a corvette! sandtrap at night would be great!

  4. Last Resort( From Halo 3)Night or Day
    A:We need to bring the classics to the modern day, this map has been in 2 halo games, LETS GET IT IN REACH

5: Chill Out/ Cold Storage(Halo CE and H3)
A: Some people might not know what chill out is, its the covenant side to Cold Storage, like a covenant cool room? yeah, look it up on halo wiki ‘‘Chill out’’
B: A Small map like this wouldnt heart, as long as the shotgun or sword is in the right place of the map, then this could be a great map!

6: Battle Creek ( Halo CE)
A: The minature side to Blood Gulch, no vehicles, just 2 bases around 20 metres away from each other.

7: ( No name) A UNSC Ship
A: could be anywere? in a docking station or in space, not like Boarding action from Halo CE, like a armoury, engine room, and bridge, with interactive stuff, like 0 Gravity, xDThese are my ideas i thought of, and could be good maps!

think about what your response is, and reply your ideas! we dont want ANOTHER space map close quartres map in the reach map pack do we? like Anchor 9 and the new one thats comming out in the Defiant map pack, because a 3rd then i would snap my reach disk xD

sad face :frowning: no one has poste yet

Ever since Reach came out I’ve wanted a map that takes place on some of the skyscrapers in New Alexandria (Raining, destroyed city as scenery, night time) since I think it would connect to the desperation that was happening in the campaign. I’m not so sure about Sandtrap though. It was a brilliant map, which was also my favourite too, but Reach’s gameplay differs too far from Halo 3. All of the AAs need to be taken into account and the vehicle gameplay isn’t, well, as good in Reach. Vehicles are easily flipped and destroyed with the starting weapon but the bounciness makes you flip around anyway. And now that the Sniper got an extreme vehicle buff it wouldn’t even be a good idea to use a tank. And since Sandtrap was made entirely for that reason the match would be hide and seek.