For the next DLC I NEED....

A Spartan company that is active.
I want to finish the Spartan company commendations that are coming.
I want to group up for Warzone and if you look at my service record in Warzone that is an average of 30.4 kills a game…


I would but i dont think we are what your looking for. You have good stats and dont seem to quit so i dont imagine youll be waiting too long for an invite :slight_smile:

Not sure if this is in the wrong forum or if it belongs under recruiting but I too am interested in an active spartan company, all I ever see are tryhard company names with like 1 person enlisted…

You can join us at Jet Fuel if you want, we’d be happy to let you in. We generally aren’t too serious of a company (because spartan companies are so loosely integrated in Halo 5), but we’d be happy to have a new recruit.

Sent an invite with our information inside the message. We’ve been around for ten years, have a YouTube, Twitter, Website and FB. We hold four extremely active practices a week and have a great community to jump in to!

Thanks for the invites but couldn’t find anything im looking for.
Has anyone else been able to see what the commendations are?