For the love of SWAT!

Another week and I see a new update that ends up “SWAT is still available as well.” Why 343 are you even planning on removing SWAT? It’s one of the most played gametypes outside of Infity Slayer and Big Team.

Can you please knock it off, It’s obiously you are warning us that soon SWAT will be gone, WHY? Just tell me why you want to remove SWAT?

Halo 4’s SWAT is by far the most refined SWAT since I began playing the series with Halo 3. It is perfect and fantastic.

Community, what are you thoughts on 343/ Microsoft ‘reminding’ us that SWAT will be gone soon?

I don’t really understand the reasoning behind SWAT being a rotating playlist either. I am not looking forward to the day they drop it…if they ever do that is.

Considering how high the population is all the time, I wouldn’t be surprised if they never removed it.

They will remove it the day the DLC comes out.

Thats the day halo 4 becomes BTB only.

The only playlists left will be Dominion and BTB.