No on my xbox using a controller the game will literally drag your aim with a moving target with zero input from the player. It does the same thing on my pc. That is a program moving your aim for you, thus aimbot.

… aimbot is when the game LOCKS your targetiing reticule 100% onto their headshot hitbox. And as soon as you eliminate a target, it locks onto the NEXT head hitbox within range.

Aim assist, on Xbox, makes your aim lean towards the enemy, allowing you to better track a fast moving hostile.

Aimbot is a cheat, while Aimassist is a crutch. A crutch I turn off in games that offer it.

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There are tons of aimbots that don’t ‘lock’ on the target. Most cheaters avoid using such ones because they are too obvious. Most cheats are now basically aim assist for the mouse paired with wall hacks. So yes, aim assist on controller is basically aim bot.

language barrier here.
do you say the controler aim assist is too powerful against mouse and keyboard strafing ( or strafing in general).
i have the same feeling too. i try to move left and right like them but almost get beaten. skill or aim assist, we can debate.
but an inertia in the strafing can be a good fix. aim assist stay the same and it doesn’t ‘‘break’’ the game.

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Keyword there being MOUSE.

M&K and Console have widely different standards when it comes to gameplay.
Which is one of the main reasons I advocate for crossplay being OPTIONAL and not FORCED.

Strafing during combat is a core fundamental in Halo imo… I would improve aim assist before reducing strafe speed

For the love of god no.

Aim assist is fine as it is. Boosting that crutch even more will just make the game less about skill and more about point-and-shoot.

“please daddy 343 give me more auto aim” smh

Wow lol…

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Lol omg…

Yes that is exactly what I’m saying. Correct.

Uh… Apparently you forgot about you know, all of the original Halo games.

Strafe speed is triple what it used to be.

Perhaps the reason why is because now the Thruster Pack is a pickup rather than a given item at spawn like it was in Halo 5. And no, it is not 3x the speed, more like 1.75x.

Does all the ogrinals have Sprint?

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As a controller player, a somewhat decent one, (still have a lot to improve on) aim assist does absolutely nothing for me against a better player. The skill ceiling within halo is entirely built around 5 things, movement, map control(spawn knowledge), sandbox mastery, team communication and decision making. Yes you need to have a good shot, but aim assist is non existent in high level play due to the strafing and ‘dance’ that takes place during a 1v1. On top of that, any high level play barely has any 1v1s because, as a good player, you should be avoiding 1v1s for the most part. Halo is a team shooting game, built around a long TTK. Simply coming up on an enemy on the map doesnt mean you should immediately be trying to kill them. High level play is a series of incredibly smart decisions forcing a desired outcome to accomplish a micro goal you have for in game. Most often, that goal is map control to give you the ability to carry out an objective, whether that be creating a series of slay cycles, controlling a power weapon, or completing objective play. Most high level players, when they come up on an enemy in a 1v1 situation(if overextended) will drop some quick damage and then rotate out back to their team or to a different part of the map to either push the enemy back off position, or bait in the enemy into a 2v1 or more situation. Holding map position is paramount, even above winning a gunfight. Even if you win a 1v1, you can easily be left with no shields and are an easy pick for an enemy team mate to rotate in to clean you up. So now the enemy has sacrificed a player to gain your map positioning. High level play has pretty much nothing to do with your shot and everything to do with your in game decision making and ability to play around a team and work as a unit. When halo infinite dropped, while watching some big mnk twitch streamers play together, i noticed they were complaining to eachother in game about stealing eachothers kills. That told me, right away, that these guys have never played halo, and do not understand halo in the slightest. I somewhat do not even classify halo as a FPS. To me, it is more of an extremely fast paced, first person strategy game. I attribute it much more to speed chess, for example. I have even seen some pro players, that do not even have incredible movement, they simply rely on their superior spawn knowledge and team communication, to hold down positioning and team shoot every enemy. Youre focusing on such a small aspect of halo that in the end, will not contribute much to you winning games and ranking up.

Sounds like individual skill took a back seat. You should be able to win a 1v1 and then handle the next guy. This is why shield Regen needs to speed up. The game rely to heavily on teammates

Dude it is a shooting game with a low amount of players on each team with a lengthy respawn timer. If you, for any reason, think that winning duels is not a massively important aspect of this game you are so far past delusional that you should honestly take a step back and reevaluate your own reality. If I’m defending C and a lone attacker comes to C and easily outguns me because of controller aim bot the opponent will now take C for free. I am a liability on my team.

I’m sure you may suck with aim assist and think it doesn’t help but the d6 players and onyx players I play against sure don’t. They will perfect you, even if you are wiggling.

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Looking up your KD on HaloTracker tells me you put too much emphasis on individual skill. You have to learn to play around and off of team mates.

I don’t have to learn anything. I know how to play with a team. I just think indivual skill should shine more. You shouldn’t be a sitting duck after a 1v1