Now that I’m facing mostly diamond / onyx players who know how to abuse strafe spamming against mouse users there is no point in me playing this game anymore. No matter how hard I try I can not beat aim assist during these 1v1 strafe battles. It is just not humanly possible to win them with skill, you can get a few lucky predictions and barely squeeze out a win but the other 9/10 times you are going to get laser beamed down while wiffing all your shots due to erratic INSTANT direction changes. The 1/10 you win isn’t even fun because it was just you guessing good… WHO THE F WANTS TO WIN BY GUESSING. Make strafing have a slight amount of inertia so we can at least compete with the built in aim bots.

While you’re at it, triple the volume of footsteps.


It’s like everyone forgot that Halo 5 exsisted. The reason the strafe speed is so fast is because the removal of the thruster pack. You need a way to be able to side step bullets somehow so they upped the strafe speed. They won’t change this because without the thruster and no fast strafe speed you will be a sitting duck. Remeber when you shoot you can’t Sprint so your basscially playing classic while shooting but other players could Sprint towards you or around you. This is why youll be a sitting duck if you have no fast strafe speed.

I don’t like the fast strafe speed either but it’s the con of a Sprint only Halo. Halo shouldn’t have Sprint to begin with. At least in halo 5 the strafing and speed felt fine but that’s because it was attached to the ablities


Plus if you reduce strafing speed, all you are doing is giving the PC players an easier target to track.


And enhancing the AA capabilities as well.

I think there could be a movement penalty introduced that acts the way inertia did in other titles, but it would have to be subtle, nothing too impactful.

That’s kind of the point. Controller players are smashing mouse players in every measurable category including the peripheral of choice for pro players. Adding inertia to strafing would help mouse users compete with the built in aimbot cheat controller players get.


The thruster pack was fine and is still in the game as equipment. Not having it baseline isn’t a reason to give players zero inertia on movements and turning every single fight into a wiggle fest which is forcing mouse and keyboard players out and is probably a big reason why metrics for this game are plummeting. If strafing continues to be exploited like this, mouse and keyboard players at high rank will completely vanish and just go play different games. Either fix the strafing or reduce the strength of controller aim bot cheats so they can’t just hold down the shoot button to win every fight.

Agreed. I don’t want a huge penalty. I just want a SLIGHT amount of inertia on movement changes to give me even the smallest chance of competing against a controller player.

To this day, the hardest-to-shoot strafer I ever faced was my college buddy when we played the og Halo CE and Halo 2. He was a Goldeneye player and used some funky control settings because of that (he was way too good at Goldeneye). He still couldn’t beat me in Halo, cause while strafing like this, it’s super difficult to shoot back too, and my aiming was solid back then (not-so-much now lol).

It does, however, seem like this type of movement-style is more common and faster than before in Halo Infinite. This style does make it harder to shoot by the one moving like this, for both players, including Controller players.

I feel like the settings allow more movement response too, like lowering deadzones and movement acceleration, which could attribute to the annoyance.

Please no. I think the speed is perfect. Any slower and I’d just grow impatient


How do you abuse strafe speed? I take it there’s a known method? I’ve always seen some people who feel like they are moving at double the speed of others for sure. I’m in onyx in crossplay and don’t see it every match either for what that’s worth.

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Unfortunately, you’re just shouting into the void. Halo is a controller game developed by controller players and this is a controller player forum.

Balancing inputs is so far down on 343’s list, it’s probably not even on the list.


A tip I learned for controller was to lower the center deadzone as much as you can stand (either so there’s no drift, or just a little if you’re okay with a little), raise the max input threshold to max, raise the axial deadzone to max. These helped improve my strafing a lot.

The center deadzone is your usual deadzone. The max input threshold being higher means you need to move the stick less to get it to max. And the axial deadzone is basically the region where your thumb stick acts as a D-pad. If you set it to 15, then within 15 degrees of dead left your controller will register as being exactly left. You do sacrifice some degree of precision with these settings though, so only keep them if you feel that’s a worthwhile trade off for easier strafing.


Don’t you guys use Dolby Atmos? Halo Infinite native support for it and that boosts the volume of everything around you, including footsteps. I’ve been using it for years.

not really a con since the fast strafing is one of my favourite things. i do feel bad for m/k users though as controllers have sticky aim for people who spam strafe while m/k users need to make the micro adjustments to their aim. I’d prefer if they took that auto sticky aim off controllers. It wasnt there in the first flight and it felt fine. Plus i’m sick of enemies walking past my aim while i’m aiming at someone else causing me to skew my shot.

Id be totally happy with that change as well because it’s what is causing this mess. If both pc and controller had the same difficulty tracking the ADADADADADAD spammers then it would be a non issue. We can’t have only 1 input laser beaming opponents.

Mnk shouldn’t be playing against controller

If you’re complaining about strafe speed, you shouldn’t be playing this game honestly.

Silver player? Sounds like a challenge to me. Feel free to 1v1 me and I’ll show you how “silver” I am.

Don’t think the player base is leaving due to some kind of imbalance of strafing speed. If you’re complaining about that, then you need to get better at the game or play on controller. Or like you said, leave and play something else.

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Really because google search returns COUNTLESS posts on reddit and waypoint including from professional players condemning it. But please continue to be wrong, it’s entertaining.

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We don’t get aim bot. Halo’s aim-assist makes it so your aim drifts slightly slower when you are aimed at a target.

And apparently plugging a controller into a PC is worse because you guys get HARD aim assist on the PC version while Console players get soft aim assist. It’s not like Call of Duty where tapping the ADS button makes you lock onto a target instantly without having to move your camera.