For the love of God NO Mangler nerf in Season 2 or EVER!

I’m glad the ravager is finally getting a buff. But the mangler Nerf is simply unacceptable considering the bulldog is not able to effectively counter the sword. In general the weapons need buffs in this game not nerfs to match the better ones.

The Mangler is easily my favorite weapon in Halo since the halo one pistol and the battle rifle and I don’t want it to change for nothing. Buffing the commando, sidekick, the ravager pulse carbine, plasma pistol and disruptor it’s a good idea. But the mauler could 1 shot beat down and still sucked, whereas the mangler takes skill due to its recoil and is objectively superior. 343 DONT NERF THE MANGLER!!! Mangler is excellent as is.


The mangler is too OP, nerfing it is the right decision