For the future of spartan ops

so i know this cant be placed in the current spartan ops but i alos know the characters of spartan ops will have a continued story line and was in the hopes that a 343I employee in the developing department sees this and some of my other post hopefully i get a reply directly reply since it seems thay have no customer service or suggestion department.

so i was thinking when i first saw the idea for halo 4 and the whole infinity thing as in your sapposed to be on infinity and work out of it so spartan ops is the missions your sent on and argames is an combat simulator aboard infinity yet when you play you go through regular menues like any other game its not like your on infinity and watching your armor put on when your customizing it or watching your spartan get into a pelican and off onto a spartan ops mission or somethingand it honestly doesnt actually look like your on any kinda of ship just a backround of the planet reqiuem not you actualy on infinity it would have been nice if you were actualy on the spartan deck in the armor bay or something you know get the real feel of being a spartan perhaps in the next game this may be a great ad in to add to the lore and the feel of the game and seperate it from other first person shooters.

second i always say this but addign the option to make your own team in spartan ops would be nice for those of us who dont play online co op but the solo mode