For the future of further support, what form of monetization would you agree with for MCC going forward?

Personally I think if they’re going to continue to add goofy cosmetics, they should just open up a community workshop for creating & submitting creations Similar to TF2, Warframe & CSGO.
Alternatively, what would you like to see instead?

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The only form of monetization I would welcome with open arms is 24/7 server rental with support for stock/modded game modes and integration in the CGB.


Pavlov does this except they just hand out access like hot cakes for small lobbies & if you want larger lobbies you can bring your own. Shame its VR only.
Server rentals would be a nice edition.

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The only mtx i would be okay is if they let the modders pay for the servers and they can host the mods. Thats it.


I mean, I would pay for a remaster of Halo 3.

I would pay anything they wanted for restored content that was cut from the original games.

But cosmetics? Naw. That just isn’t a sustainable model for Halo.


I own MCC 2 ways, I have game pass, and I’ve bought the steam version for several people. I’ve paid them plenty.


None. At all. Whatsoever.


Just the old fashioned: DLC content packs. Add maps with a Season/Series to go along with it and I’m happy.

  • A 2: Anniversary pack with all the Halo 2 maps for 2: Anniversary. I think a new series would be good with campaign cosmetics to unlock (2: Anniversary Elite armor, ODST armor, any geometry from the remastered Campaign to be reused), but I’m not sure if this series would be a part of a map pack or should be free alongside the pack to promote it.

  • A Combat Evolved Anniversary pack, with more Combat Evolved maps for Halo: Reach. I think a free series should be released alongside it with just weapon skins and visors for Reach on par with Halo 3. I think replacing the Combat Evolved Anniversary assets that were reused from other games with brand new original assets would make a good part of this DLC pack too.

  • A Halo Wars pack: Multiplayer maps from Halo Wars and Halo Wars 2 would be ported as Big Team maps for Halo 3 and 2: Anniversary, respectively. They’d naturally have additions via forge to be more viable for the nature of a first person shooter. It’d come with a series of cosmetic from Halo Wars for Halo 3, 2: Anniversary, and Halo 2, as the units in Halo Wars 2 gameplay have similar polycount to that of Halo 2.

  • A Halo Online pack: Some might cry foul, but I’d absolutely pay for the remaining Halo Online maps and series with cosmetics, so long as it includes everything. Any maps that Halo 3 already has, like Diamondback, would be brought to Reach. They wouldn’t be as high budget as the others, but I’d be content.

  • Firefight for Halo 4. Just recycle the Spartan Ops maps, it doesn’t even need the same level of customization that Reach has, just keep it basic and I’m content. It’s accompanying Season could be playable Elites as cosmetics, backported from 2: Anniversary and using armor from the Campaign.


None, 343i has not shown me that it is worth my money.


None, zero, zilch, nada, goose egg. MCC doesn’t need Monetization that’s why Halo Infinite exists. You want to pay 343 for future support go buy from Infinite’s store and leave MCC untainted. NO MTX EVER!


That’s not MTX, that’s called a server rental service.

I would pay to see halo change ownership from microsoft / 343 to sony / bungie

It is funny how we got content updates faster through the old map packs than any live service game.

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Bungie is not the same company it used to be.

I was going to say none, but I actually agree with that. The dedicated servers were one of the best things about Halo CE PC. If MCC had something like that, it would make the CGB even better, especially for people who host a lot of games.


Honestly I’d rather see Halo owned by Nintendo than Sony.

The only content I wouldn’t mind paying for is maybe a new dlc campaign based on the older engines and that would give players more reasons to jump back into MCC. Heck I wouldn’t mind paying for a Halo 2-3 Flood Firefight. The thing is I hate MT and only want to pay for content that isn’t predatory.

I completely disagree about rental servers…the game already struggles with population as it is so I’d rather not have less people playing in matchmaking. Part of me wonders if 343i should make the multiplayer side F2P for MCC due to the low players so it can gain more players but Infinite is proof that this is also a bad idea.

Halo would be better off in public domain. If I had to big a huge company to run Halo, it’d probably be THQ

Y’know what, I actually agree with that. Plus the fans can finally go nuts and make their own Halo title.


Fans already are making their own Halo titles. A few are currently playable! These are within the MS/343 Guidelines too.