My simple question to you is, if Halo 4 was marketed under a different name (obviously it follows that weapons names and stuff like that change too), would you have played it for longer?

Gameplay and weapon kill times etc. remain unchanged.

It would still have major issues though in gameplay so even if it weren’t Halo or just some spin-off it would still hit them hard depending on previous sayings of 343 like with the infamous" were bringing classic halo back". it would basically be the same -Yoink- just a different title.

Also i don’t believe Halo 4 is completely bad I’m just greatly disappointed at how such potential was wasted.

Yes dude. absolutely. but because its TRYING to go under the Halo banner, and failed, its lost my interest.

i think the campaign is top notch, but let down by MP. if it was called something else, id probably say, “hey this kinda plays like halo reach, but its a little less serious, and more kiddy”.

Not because it plays too much like Call of Duty, a game I play only for the fun single player set pieces.

If it was marketed in a different name, I’ll probably wouldn’t even buy it. Personally I still currently enjoy playing Halo 4.

I wouldn’t. I already bought Call of Duty this year.

If it was marketed under a different name I would not have even bought it.