For Red vs Blue Viewers

Sup guys. I’m “recruiting” members for my newly founded group/fireteam that mainly plays i****nfection, arena, and custom games.
We also watch red vs blue regularly and enjoy to discuss it bowchickabowwow
"Rules" to join:
1. WATCH RED VS BLUE. lol :wink:
2. Be able to be mature at least 15% of the time.
3. Be able to actually try and succeed another 15% of the time.
4. Have fun 70% of the time.
5. pls have skype
6. running out of topics
7. i love bold
8. and italics

Send an invite to join and pls explain why you would want to join the worst military simulation trooper clan ever. Of all time.
AnTi Subzero : contact me here
clan: Gen 2 Freelancers