For one game, can I play on High Power? FOR ONE GAME

High Power is the best BTB map, because it has good vehicle spawns. It is the ONLY map that ha good vehicle spawns. Deadlock and Fragmentation do not have good vehicle spawns, and therefor are not as enjoyable or good maps.

So why is it that after playing all night, I got ONE game on High Power? Then, when I went deliberately searching for it by entering games and exiting them if it’s not High Power, it has taken me 8 games to find ONE game on this map.

Did 343 code the BEST map to be an incredible rarity in BTB playlist? What is this? There is no eay this can be random chance that it comes up this rarely?

I had it for mostly the entire time I played btb. Only had Fragmentation like 2 or 3 games. Did have Deadlock a lot tho. Idk what the map rotation is like.