For Microsoft and 343i

Please hear the community out on this thread on

All the details are in the thread. Don’t need to hear anything from me.

Definitely some interesting suggestions in that thread. Ideas and suggestions that are well thought-out and formulated certainly have a much greater chance at being honestly looked at by devs, even if for input on whatever might come next (whether in this or another game).

Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:


At the risk of sounding rude, I’d rather hear what people have to say over here on the Waypoint forums… If I wanted to go over to check out the bnet ones… well… I’d be there already.

(and I know I’m not Microsoft nor 343i but I am a forum frequenter)

Even a summary would be a useful start to discussions…

Feel free to post thoughts and opinions within our forums, but please don’t simply link to threads on external sites. Thank you in advance.