For everyone who gave me crap about the distinct killing spree, (killjoy challenge)

On the live stream today, even the dev team said that challenge was a bad challenge. Just going to leave it at that.


Honestly they’d be crazy to argue against it. How some of these challenges were approved is mind boggling.

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A lot of them are made with good intentions, but in practice they suck.

Killjoys sound good on paper “Kill a player that’s doing well”, but in practice it’s, “Kill the player that’s single handedly making your team lose”.

Gamemode specific ones would be an issue if you could just queue for that mode.

So on and so on.

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I’m not sure anyone would have said it wasn’t a bad challenge.

But they weren’t that hard to get. Killing streaks are reasonably common in Fiesta.

It’s that they encouraged people to play badly to give opponents kill streaks so that you could then tick off the challenge. That was where they came undone.

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Game mode specific challenges seems like such a simple fix. But who knows what kind of Cat’s cradle BS is going on with the UI and this new engine.

I don’t see the connection?

Adding mode specific playlists is supposedly difficult for the dev team to implement due to the coding in the UI and/or engine. It took them a while just to add the Slayer and Fiesta playlists.

I think it’s kind of funny we got the killjoy medal back in Infinite.

In the H5 pre-launch Sprint ViDoc’s they spent a while explaining the overhaul on medals they did and specifically used the killjoy as an example of a bad medal :rofl:.

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Morale of the story: Always stick to your guns

I should have specified. But it was an event where you needed to get a killjoy during a SWAT match.