For being against FOMO practices, this game sure has a lot of FOMO practices

Weekly missable unlocks (which take WORK to earn), a rotating store (where you never know what will return or when, or what else may come) (and is bonkers overpriced), recurring week-long events that might only have limited instances…

343i. Bro. It’s Halo. You’ll make your money honestly, no need to be scummy about it.


Yeah no. It was a typo.

When they said they were against FOMO. They meant, they were against YOMO.

You Only Monetise Once.

Because you can absolutely sell the same coating multiple times for different cores.

Perfectly understandable.

I hate myself a little for being this much of a snarky a-hole about it. But… Yeah. I wasn’t the one wot went and huffed a bunch of Grunt Methane, then launched with… This. After all the Flight feedback specifically against this exact situation.

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I think they meant they were against the FOMO they had of preying on consumers with a “free” model

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