For anybody who watch Mythbusters

(BTW real sad they’re stopping :frowning: )
Anybody seen the Video game special? Best Mythbusters episode in my opinion, they even showed Halo in the top games. But they did a DOOM real life map that was simply amazing.
Dont care if this is off topic or whatever I’m sure a lot of people love the MB’s

Can you post a link to it?

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> Can you post a link to it?

I got it on Hulu. I dunno if there’s any videos on it yet. Lemme try and find it.

I saw this episode, its one of my favorites. Sad that they ended it, too ;-;

I liked the show for a bit but a few times they were not very scientifically sound and it killed it for me a bit. One that comes to mind is the shooting someone through a scope one based on a vietnam sniper story. They did it up to reenact it as best they could but if i remember right they used modern scopes not time period accurate ones. As modern scopes have many more lenses of course it screwed with the experiment. Seems kind of an elementary thing to mess up.

Maybe i just caught bad episodes though

This is something for the off topic thread. :slight_smile: