For any idiot who thinks Halo 4 is "dying".

Halo 4 is number 2 on the online charts. I other words, it’s still getting millions a day. After you see the links below, I want you all to see that it isn’t about the current amount of players online at any moment. After about 2 years, Halo: Reach and Halo 3 were still on the same level, population-wise.

Halo 3. Feb 8th, 2008. Keep scrolling down and look to the left.Unique Players (Last 24 Hours):819,187

Halo 3. October 10th 2007. 1,324,824 players.

Halo 3. June 29th 2009. Scroll down under mongoose picture. 800,000 players that day total.

Halo: Reach. May 23rd, 2011. Look to the right. Total Players Online (24h):832,101.

Halo: Reach. Oct 2010. 725,981 players.

Halo: Reach. June. 2011. About 700,000 players.

Thanks you for your time. If I see one more person saying “HALO 4 FAILED! LOOK AT THE POPULATION! IT BARELY GETS 100,000 A DAY COMPARED TO HALO 3’S MILLIONS” one more time!, Imma’ have to go off on a mutha’ fu…


Fix your thread title, then I will take you seriously.

Intelligent points and evidence will do nothing to stop them, unfortunately. They have neither.

the competitive scene in halo is dead, gone left the building adios. 343 failed halo died with it. halo 4 is a casual btb game and they managed to screw that up to with loadouts and ordinances and crappy vehicles… all in all halo is dead

out of curiosity… how many people are playing black ops 2?

Millions a day? lol who cares about people playing the campaign. Everyone stopped playing multiplayer cause it sucks. That’s why people say Halo 4 is dead.

people just look at the population as an excuse the bash on the game.

Halo 4 is in no means dying and it will stay strong in the top 2 until Halo 5 is released most likely.

It will never overtake CoD, considering the fact that game is Multi-Platform and has a wider audience range with it being much much more casual than Halo.

I also can’t see games like Crysis 3 overtaking Halo 4 either considering how badly Crysis 2 did, if you want a game that was dying after a month Crysis 2 is a prime example, i bought that game a month after release and it took over 5 minutes to find a match each time which were never full games.

but…but…theres no competitive skill rank! and as we all know thats the only factor that counts towards a games success

so… where are the halo 4 numbers? Just telling me its number 2 is no good.
Halo 4 is dead to me.

the game isnt dead multiplayer is dead… facts are fact they screwed up


Definitely not okay to go off and call people idiots.