For all you people complaining about sprint.

Would you have been so angry if it was never cut from Halo 2?

Can’t quite judge it like that. There would have been a lot of adjustments to the game. Although, they probably wouldn’t.

Probably considering they said it was removed because it caused problems with the flow.

Please don’t bait another one of these arguments.

> 2533274863266427;4:
> Please don’t bait another one of these arguments.

I second this motion.

We would probably have a different audience right now if they left it in the game, so there would be a lot less people mad about it. For all we know, halo 2 could have been considered terrible with it in, halo 2 is loved because of the way it is now, not what it was going to be.

What kind of argument is that? Would I still be a part of the series 11 years later if sprint were added? Well -Yoink-, I can’t answer that honestly and neither can anyone else. The truthful answer is that we’ll never know.

This has already been posted and discussed in a couple places. I’m sure if you use the search function it’ll pop up. :slight_smile: