For all fellow Halo fans....

Hey guys I just got an account here (though I have been following the site and the forums since e3) and I’d like to give something to the community. Over the past months I’ve made 4 Halo music videos using halo cutscenes. So check em out, let me know what you think, and I would ask if you could try and keep this Post alive so more fans can see the videos : )

Halo-Red-Let it Burn

Halo-Breaking Benjamin-Anthem of the Angels

Halo Reach-Breaking Benjamin-Into the Nothing

Halo-Skillet-Whispers in the Dark

These little mashups are always so fun to me. Great job!

Thanks! The videos are hard work but me and serf enjoy making them.

nice :slight_smile:

Those are awesome & fun.

Just watched the first one and it was awesome! You did a really good job with it I’m going to watch the others now thanks for the links. :slight_smile:

I’m glad you guys are enjoying them: )

Love it very good job keep up the good work.

Watched them all. I thought the first two were the best, but all-in-all they were fantastic!!! Great work!!!

Not bad, I liked them.

Thanks for all the comments! I’m really looking forward to more Halo 4 trailers. Once enough come out I’ll be able to make some Halo 4 music videos. I’ll probably have to wait for summer of 2012 though.

Thanks. These look real nice. :smiley: