For a game that is supposed to showcase the Brutes, how did we not get ANY fully new vehicles besides reworked Covie ones that are mostly WORSE than previous iterations

-Halo Wars vehicles introduced would have been perfect

  • The returning Brute Prowler would have been amazing
  • A Brute Spectre would have been awesome
  • A brute Mantis Equivalent would have been cool.

I don’t even consider the “new” warthog actually “new” because it’s not like we havn’t seen the transport hog before.


My guess is that we will see new vehicles in DLC and future updates. No way that this is the vehicle roster for the next decade. More will come.
I hope to see:
The Mantis, Prowler, Hornet, Falcon, and perhaps some new Banished vehicles. Halo Wars 2 had some really cool ones!

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We need more HW2 vehicles and these toilet paper vehicles need serious buffs, because they’re a joke. Barely tap a wall or floor with the Banshee, and boom. Barely take of flying, immediately EMP’d/Skewered. Skewers are more OP than Spartan Lasers. Skewers should only one shot if they hit the weak points of vehicles, not just anywhere. Warthogs and both tanks can take 2+ Skewers, so why not the Banshee? Wasp makes sense, since it’s so small.

Still, Banished vehicles are supposed to be heavily armed Covenant variants, and they’re stupid weak.

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Yea the Banshee is weak af

Halo Wars 2 vehicles is exactly what I want

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I think something like the Ravager or the Locust would be interesting in terms of gameplay. :eyes:

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The Locust would be PERFECT.

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