For a Competitive game...

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Why the -Yoink- does it’s ranking and MM system suck so much? I’m not kidding, this has to be up there with the worst I’ve ever come across. I actually spend longer trying to find an arena game than playing one and when I do it’s so unbalanced it comical. 343 must have -Yoink!- fingers, because everything they touch they seem to -Yoink-. What a way to ruin a series.
There’s no -Yoinking!- way in hell I’ll be purchasing Halo 6 and if it was possible I’d get a refund for this junk. I might flog it off to some other poor -Yoink- and put it towards something else. That way at least I’d recoup some of the cost for this trash.
Thank god the division is out in a few days. I can only imagine how dead this will be then.

Just the fact that the communication with 343i is -Yoinking!- unbelievably hard to find gets me feeling ripped off, but the ranking is an even worse feature! If I win ten matches in a row, top of the leaderboard each match, I don’t even get moved up to silver! You guys complaining about being stuck on gold shouldn’t be. You should be -Yoinking!- happy that your rank isn’t as messed up as mine.

Nevertheless, halo 5 is a decent game in itself; that’s why I play it, however I very much doubt that it will even compare to games such as the division in the near future.