[For 343i]: Possible Final Patch/Title Update for Halo Reach, Halo 4, et c., Before Server Sunset?

(My first post on here, so please bear with me; TLDR, @ the bottom.)

Greetings, 343i! :raising_hand_man:t4:
(Here’s hoping this finds you well, after your much-needed break.)

Would it be feasible to release a final patch/title update for Halo Reach & Halo 4 (Xbox 360, not MCC), so that upon the date of the servers Sunsetting,

  • the NON-matchmaking Challenges could remain locally-stored, on a set cycle/rotation (& only the matchmaking-required Challenges disappear), so that those of us still behind in Armor unlocks/Rank progression could continue to earn Credits/XP offline & at a decent pace, so we can unlock items in Reach’s Armory, continue to rank up to max rank/Inheritor in Reach, and complete our Specializations in Halo 4?
    (Hopefully, for Reach, no lower than 5,000cR for each Daily Challenges [5-8K cR],
    and no lower than 20,000cR for Weekly Challenges [20-30K cR].

    For Halo 4, it would be great to be able to keep the Campaign Challenges {no lower than 3,500 XP each} & Spartan Ops Challenges {no lower than 4,500 XP each} on a set cycle/rotation too [5-6K XP for both].
    Maybe the loss of the four (4) Matchmaking Challenges for Halo 4 could be compensated by giving Campaign Challenges two more Challenges [4 total] & Spartan Ops Challenges two more Challenges? [4 total]
    If Spartan Ops is staying post-sunset, I don’t see why the Spartan Ops Challenges can’t stay too.)

  • And to be able to select Firefight Matchmaking for local/on-console play (with a Guest Live acct./other player acct.) in Halo Reach? (To enter a Match without Searching for other players, but just queueing with local controllers/players.)
    {The custom/local/non-matchmaking Firefight doesn’t reward as much credits, on average per match,
    as Firefight Matchmaking does; and I’m uncertain which settings to replicate from Firefight Matchmaking, in order for local Firefight to reward the same amount of Credits, since there are different gametypes to recreate from Firefight Matchmaking - e.g. Arcadefight (NEP), FF Limited (NEP), et c.
    But if Credit payouts in the local/non-matchmaking Firefight could instead be patched/updated, to reward as much Credits on average as Firefight Matchmaking usually does {~3K cR per match}, that would be much appreciated too.
    And uncoupling Firefight Commendations from Matchmaking, and tying them to the local/non-matchmaking Firefight would be extra appreciated! :sweat_smile:}

  • Also, to be able to have our Halo Reach Service Record [Career - Campaign, and Commendations - Campaign & Firefight] & Halo 4 Service Record [Spartan, Campaign, & Spartan Ops] to still be visible by being stored locally on our device? (Same with Halo 3 & Halo ODST)
    {I ask because everything disappears when the servers are down, instead of only the Matchmaking records/stats.}

  • And an update to Halo Waypoint [XBox 360 app] too, if possible?
    Also viewable via locally stored data (including updated Halo Reach Spartan model, pulled directly from our data from Halo Reach).
    [And updating the news to Halo Infinite news, and links to the new Halo Waypoint.]

  • One more thing - It’d be entertaining if Halo Reach’s final available playlists, before the legacy servers sunset, would be: Invasion, Living Dead, Firefight, & Rumble Pit, to funnel the population onto the most popular playlists (excluding Team Slayer & Grifball) & try to approximate the Reach Beta experience, for its sunset.
    Massive Credit payouts for this final week, as a last hurrah, would be greatly appreciated :pray:t4: too!
    (And/or everything in the Armory gets unlocked? :pray:t4:)

  • Tangent - [ Ideally, it’d be great if server hosting for Legacy Halo could be transferred to the same servers that host MCC, but if that’s impossible, then so be it. :confused:]

  • (A bit off-topic{?} but) …Question - How will Spartan Ops [Halo 4] continue to stay up/be supported after Server Sunset (only requiring XBL Silver), when each individual mission becomes inaccessible whenever the servers would go down? (Pressing the button to start the mission, does nothing; we’re locked out from playing.)
    Just curious how that would work as stated/advertised (on the chart of supported functions post-Sunset).
    (Or if that’s unintended & will be patched upon sunset? :thinking:)

I know you guys have a lot on your plates, regarding Halo Infinite’s post-launch fixes & content, but here’s hoping a few people on the team can pull this off for the Server Sunset of Halo Reach, Halo 4, Halo 3, & Halo ODST - please send us out with a bang :boom: :fireworks:! :grin:
(Thank you for your time in reading this…!)


  • Please let us keep non-Matchmaking Challenges in Halo Reach & Halo 4
  • Please either let us queue locally on Firefight Matchmaking, or make local Firefight reward as much Credits as Firefight Matchmaking (3-5K cR per match)
  • Please let non-Matchmaking Service Records remain viewable via local storage (our console).
  • Please apply a similar update to Halo Waypoint [XBox 360]?
  • Final Halo Reach Playlists for Server Sunset week should be: Invasion, Living Dead, Firefight, & Rumble Pit.
    (Flood & Action Sack, for Halo 4)
  • Please confirm Halo 4’s Spartan Ops availability, post-Server Sunset.

I would love for this, especially an update to Halo Waypoint on the 360!


Oops, I meant Flood & Rumble Pit. (I can’t edit the OP to fix it anymore.)

I like this. Seems to be pretty decent quality of life changes, to help keep things from being completely undoable for folks in the future (should they want to revisit outside of MCC).


Additional corrections:

five [5] Matchmaking Challenges for Halo 4

three more Challenges [5 total]

…individual chapter becomes inaccessible…
(Pressing A on Play Chapter, does nothing; we’re locked out from playing.)


Thank you! I still very much want to reach Inheritor rank (I’m Mythic right now), so this request directly applies to me.
(And I’d at least be Noble rank by now, if I didn’t have to split my focus with Halo 4.)
MCC doesn’t have the same ranks that 360 Reach has, so the satisfaction of earning that Inheritor badge is literally
non-existent there (until they do decide to implement it).
If MCC had the same ranks, then I imagine the fervor of our requests would be significantly diminished, but alas, MCC is still not 1:1 in that aspect (and many other aspects as well…).
And I don’t think MCC has the same ranks as 360 Halo 3 either.

If 343i could just release a final patch/title update for Reach, to allow us to earn the same amount of Credits offline, as we do online, then they won’t have to expend nearly as much on server maintenance costs, and could just let the servers sunset.
I think that’s a slam-dunk decision to make.

(What’s it going to be, 343i?
Keep maintaining servers until sunset, and possibly even delay it, which is more labor & cost-intensive, and won’t guarantee everyone gets what they want within that timeframe,
take the time to sit down & write/program ONE final patch/title update for the Legacy Halo games (+ the 360 Halo Waypoint app), that addresses all the issues/reasons behind everyone’s requests & allows them to still obtain what they want post-Server Sunset, while helping with game preservation, so you can finally sunset the servers?)

{Arguably, if the latter option had been implemented from the start, you guys wouldn’t have had to delay the Server Sunset ~3 times already, saving you on costs & labor, other than for achievement-hunting & to facilitate another Noble 14 situation.}

Please :pray:t4: give the Legacy Halo games (& 360 Halo Waypoint app) the same love as MCC, one final time.

It’s 343. What should we expect? Oh yeah not a blink as they pull out the life support for halo. They don’t like us. Never did.

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I mean, I think it definitely depends on how we approach 343i.

If we just have a completely acerbic & contemptuous approach right out of the gate, without any actionable, detailed input, then of course they won’t/can’t do anything.
(That’s not to say I’m not grasping where you’re coming from, believing/feeling the way you do, cause believe me, I do, but we can’t just keep holding their track record against them either;
at some point, we’ve got to extend the bridge, and at least meet them halfway, to work with them on {a} solution{s}, especially if we want our desired results.
Continually treating someone the same for how they’ve been in the past, at the very least, is purely unproductive, especially if they’ve displayed changes/improvements in the present.
{e.g. their current fixes/updates to Halo Infinite so far}
It’s a mark of an inability to forgive {not to be confused with reconcile; they’re not synonymous}.
Forgiveness is letting things go, on the inside. Reconciliation is actually returning to good terms with the other person.
One can forgive without reconciling.)

But if we provide actual, actionable, detailed input (& leave out the disdain), then they can then pass that input along to the appropriate team specifically in charge of it; and they can then work towards its implementation.
And we’ve also got to understand that the solution won’t always be immediately released, as, depending on how much work will go into finalizing the solution, it may take some time, before that solution gets implemented.

Bottom line - they’re trying, so we’ve got to try too.
(Might be tough to hear this, but) Gotta drop the feelings & focus on the problem-solving.
If we can make things happen, that’ll be awesome for us all; if things aren’t feasible, then so be it - on to the next.
“C’est la vie.”
And as always, vote with your wallet.

Fascinating thing to note, regarding the Halo Waypoint app [X360], last time I checked, it was still connected to the servers post-sunset, as I saw the new Daily Challenges for Friday the 14th, even though we could no longer see them in Reach. :upside_down_face::thinking:
This really makes me wish they could release a download for us, so that the non-matchmaking Challenges could be stored locally on our HDD, and we could continue completing them offline, on a set cycle/rotation. :pleading_face::confused::pensive:
The Halo Reach section of the Halo Waypoint app [X360] can no longer be viewed, but the Halo 4 data can still be viewed.

So, what’s funny about this is that, while we can still access Spartan Ops after all, the progress displaying which difficulties we’ve completed each Chapter on (the difficulty symbols above, on the ‘timeline’), are no longer there (or perhaps simply reset?).
I hope, if we replay these Chapters, that they could reappear & be stored locally on our HDD, cause it’ll be a hassle to track, even though I already have my progress on each difficulty memorized.
Plus, having them, functions as a visual :white_check_mark:, showing that we’ve already cleared that chapter on a certain difficulty.

@ Mods:
Is there a way to change the Halo 3 tag on this topic to Feedback?
(If you’re able to, may you please make the change? I can no longer change the tag.)

i’d love this to happen, but its very unlikely it will