For 343 Regarding The Glitched Achievements

Hi guys, I am wondering if there’s anything you can reveal up to this point regarding the glitched dlc achievements. I understand that a lot of this stuff is top secret info but is there anything whatsoever that you can let us know that can reassure us that at least some progress has been made by the team looking into it? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

If you have been following the progress of this glitch, you will notice it only affects cumulative achievements (achievements which do not have to be completed in a single game) which I believe is what creates the glitch. Ever since the Champions update was released, the progress tracking for these achievements has been altered in some way to make them unobtainable for some. I believe that most likely progress for the achievements is tracked regardless of what map one is playing on, but achievements will not unlock unless you are on one of the correct maps. This causes the counter to go beyond where the achievement would normally unlock and thus unobtainable for some. This happened to me for the achievement Ashes to Ashes, although I had got roughly 4 or 5 disintegration kills before going on a Castle map, where my second kill (a headshot with a Binary Rifle, the first kill was not a headshot) popped the achievement seemingly 4 or 5 kills too soon. The exact same thing happened to my friend who I was playing with. We had no problems with any of the other DLC achievements because neither of us had played since the update, and we only did achievement related activities on the maps to which the achievement belonged. I think that if this is the case, this is a fairly simple fix for 343 as far as glitches go, as they just have to adjust the parameters for each achievement counter, as well as cap them at the specific number that unlocks the achievement so those who as of now have unobtainable achievements can unlock them whenever next they play online and/or do whatever achievement related activity.

Those are interesting theories, Hurricane Matt. You likely are correct. Something is messed up with the counters.

I suggest posting your theories to this thread. If I understand correctly, the 343i forum admin wants to consolidate information there.

That theory seems very plausible and would explain why they aren’t unlocking for me. Can 343 confirm this theory?

We aren’t able to share any information with the community at this time, but we’ll be sure to pass along this additional info to the appropriate team, thanks!